Synonyms for Comeback:


golden age, high tide, rally, flowering, peak, pinnacle, revival, victory, breakthrough, glory days, recovery, someone's day in the sun, heyday, triumph, improvement. win, approach. repartee, ask. answer (noun)
echo, counter-statement, reply, answer, rebuttal, countercharge, retort, rejoinder, explanation, counterclaim, return, response, counter-reply, riposte, excuse, counter-accusation, surrebuttal, replication, acknowledgment.
comeback (noun)
retort, return, replication, riposte, counter, rejoinder.
communication (noun)
retort, return, replication, riposte, counter, rejoinder.
recovery, triumph (noun)
rally, victory, improvement, return, revival.
snappy retort (noun)
response, retaliation, reply, riposte, rejoinder, repartee.


revenge (verb)
retaliation, reprisal, revenge, payback, vengeance, vendetta, retribution.

Other synonyms:

high tide, pinnacle, heyday, glory days, breakthrough, golden age. repartee, flowering. recovery, peak. Other relevant words:
flowering, pinnacle, counterattack, retaliation, recovery, improvement, revival, rally, victory, triumph, repartee, revenge, payback, counter.

Usage examples for comeback

  1. There's a comeback for you! – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various
  2. I append the comeback I mean come at once, you maddening half- wit. – Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse