Synonyms for Series:


backlist, compilation, edition, copyright, manuscript, ISBN, edit, bibliography. end product, brand leader, run, lineup, suite, commodity, round, brand name, streak, byproduct, generation, derivative. closed-captioned, broadcast, feature, docusoap, docudrama, call-in, breakfast television, chat show, bulletin, documentary. championship, bye, crown, the Commonwealth Games, clash, cup, close season, challenge, card, contest. operation, process, record, trail, syndrome, charm offensive, campaign. categories (noun)
Castes, denominations, stocks, Classifications, sorts, Forms, Varieties, labels, Classes, designations, peoples, types, Genera, Strains, steps, persuasions, Genotypes, kingdoms, breeds, stripes, clans, Categories, Taxonomies, Phyla, levels, Styles, feathers, Races, molds, brands, kinds, Grains, grades, sets, orders, Families, stamps, degrees.
category (noun)
grain, level, kingdom, designation, step, category, stripe, mold, phylum, brand, caste, Family, make, taxonomy, ilk, order, genus, degree, set, variety, clan, class, strain, classification, stock, genotype, people, style, species, label, stamp, kind, feather, sort, grade, type, breed, race, persuasion, denomination, form.
extent (noun)
line (noun)
list (noun)
order, succession (noun)
group, chain, sequel, Consecution, continuity, progression, file, suit, set, category, streak, gradation, tier, procession, array, suite, range, list, column, sequence, course, scale, run, train, arrangement, line, classification, row, string.
rank (noun)
range, cordon, scale, tier, group, suite, continuity, gradation, file, list, column, row, suit.
sequence (noun)
lineage, line, array, gamut, consequence, link, arrangement, sequence, succession, chain, linkage, rank, sequel, procession, progression, queue, Consecutiveness, train, subsequence, thread, course, Consecution, concatenation, string, legacy.
sequences (noun)
arrays, arrangements, queues, ranks, consequences, courses, threads, chains, links, progressions, sequences, linkages, lineages, subsequences, Legacies, successions, trains, sequels, strings, concatenations, processions, LINEs.
series (noun)
serial publication, serial.

Other synonyms:

charm offensive, suit. syndrome, suite, run. streak, campaign. trail. process. record. round. Other relevant words:
contest, generation, campaign, process, bulletin, list, column, commodity, manuscript, backlist, suite, closed-captioned, continuity, round, docusoap, tier, championship, edit, gradation, cup, suit, bye, byproduct, compilation, clash, record, derivative, broadcast, run, crown, range, row, scale, trail, syndrome, operation, group, card, feature, challenge, docudrama, serial, lineup, bibliography, ISBN, serial publication, documentary, file, streak, edition, copyright, cordon.

Usage examples for series

  1. To ease my mind, and to prevent harm as far as I can, I mean to enter on a series of good works. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  2. Then followed a series of books on Eastern themes, some in prose and others in verse. – Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by E.C. Hartwell