Synonyms for Operation:


advancement, guidance, control, affiliate, anchor, running, superintendence, account, acquisition, agent, maintenance, big business, the biz, base, blue-chip, controlling, ordering, manipulation, handling, enforcement, regulation, agency, administration (of an estate). engagement, progression, progress, thing, conveyance, handiwork, workmanship, move, demonstration, venture. exploitation, method, consumption, wear, adoption, formula, plan. blast, section, the Blitz, medicine, blitzkrieg, air raid, bombing, transplant, removal, air strike, dissection, excision, blitz, bombardment, barrage, attack. appendectomy, bypass, abortion, circumcision, colostomy, caesarean, reaction, working, angioplasty, machine, d and c, c-section, cesarean. manner, basis, tactic, technique, means, used, implementation, way, play, system, mode. go on, run, cope, into operation, come-on, operate, cut in. action (noun)
endeavor, enterprise, activity, performance, behavior, exercise, action, movement, motion, practice, labor, conduct, effort, deed.
application (noun)
utility, employment, function, service, utilization, usage, application, exertion, use.
movement, working (noun)
procedure, exploitation, agency, use, workmanship, action, enterprise, labor, engagement, effort, exertion, progress, progression, handiwork, performance, service, employment, movement, process, exercise, motion, play, conveyance, application, deed, activity, manipulation.
operation (noun)
military operation, performance, cognitive process, surgical procedure, functioning, procedure, cognitive operation, surgical operation, surgery, surgical process, process, mathematical operation, mental process, mathematical process.
running (noun)
surgical procedure (noun)
excision, surgery.

Other synonyms:

dissection, implementation, demonstration, venture. consumption, move, system, handiwork, exploitation. manipulation, thing, adoption. reaction, working. wear. transplanting
Other relevant words:
blitz, consumption, process, conveyance, c-section, blitzkrieg, machine, angioplasty, used, way, cognitive process, handling, manipulation, bypass, surgery, account, removal, adoption, military operation, advancement, surgical operation, working, tactic, wear, medicine, technique, action, agency, barrage, bombing, cope, circumcision, appendectomy, implementation, progress, controlling, operate, surgical process, surgical procedure, play, workmanship, means, anchor, basis, mathematical process, thing, method, running, maintenance, bombardment, cesarean, demonstration, transplant, section, progression, dissection, move, functioning, system, procedure, excision, regulation, control, agent, superintendence, venture, engagement, guidance, run, acquisition, mathematical operation, exploitation, reaction, attack, base, plan, enforcement, colostomy, mental process, blast, formula, ordering, affiliate, handiwork, cognitive operation, caesarean, mode, manner, abortion.

Usage examples for operation

  1. The Thessians got a third ray into position for operation and opened up. – Invaders from the Infinite by John Wood Campbell
  2. They had become honourable and strictly moral men, and endeavoured to cast off everything mean with an anxiety which is really touching; but they were deficient in the power which is developed by the co- operation of men of like views, under the influence of great practical questions. – Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag