Synonyms for Offensive:


abhorrent (adjective)
despicable, loathsome, execrable.
abominable (adjective)
bad, base, hateful, contemptible, heinous, disgusting, vile, lousy, beastly, atrocious.
abusive (adjective)
scurrilous, insulting.
acid (adjective)
hurtful, stinging, nasty.
aggressive (adjective)
bellicose, warlike, determined, truculent, militant, forward, barbaric, belligerent, hostile, aggressive, destructive, domineering, attacking, assertive, antipathetic, combative, pushy.
all (adjective)
despicable (adjective)
despicable, mean, repellent, loathsome, reprehensible, low, revolting, repulsive, vile, contemptible.
detestable (adjective)
disagreeable (adjective)
obnoxious, unpleasant, disgusting, bothersome, nasty, distasteful, unpalatable, repulsive, disagreeable.
evil (adjective)
foul, calamitous, disgraceful, repugnant, wicked, damnable, evil, reprehensible, loathsome, monstrous, sinister, sinful, baneful, terrible, nefarious, hideous, destructive, abominable, heinous, bad, atrocious, revolting, repulsive, repellent, detrimental.
hateful (adjective)
illegal (adjective)
punishable, unlicensed, forbidden, lawless, criminal, illegal, unauthorized, unjust, wrongful, illicit, bootleg, unconstitutional, felonious, unlawful, illegitimate, verboten, taboo, actionable.
insolent (adjective)
impertinent, insolent, impudent.
low (adjective)
undignified, ill-bred.
objectionable (adjective)
odorous (adjective)
offensive (adjective)
gross, distasteful, biting, outrageous, evil, rude, disagreeable, discourteous, hideous, aggressive, abhorrent, foul, offending, detestable, Assaulting, hateful, ghastly, repellent, odious, repugnant, shameful, repulsive, nauseating, revolting, attacking, obnoxious, opprobrious, irritating, objectionable, reprehensible, belligerent, terrible, grisly, impertinent, horrible, insolent, rotten, annoying, abusive, cutting, horrid, invading, dreadful.
opprobrious (adjective)
painful (adjective)
grueling, wrenching, inflaming, chafing, aching, Irksome, Besetting, irritating, trying, hurtful, arduous, throbbing, withering, biting, painful, disagreeable, grievous, distressful, unpleasant, burdensome, annoying, Cramping, excruciating, acute, Torturing., cutting, bothersome, piercing, stabbing, tormenting, insufferable, agonizing, stinging, uncomfortable, unbearable, oppressive, cruel, crushing, woeful, smarting, harrowing, miserable, bitter, severe, horrendous, anguishing, sore, aggravating, Gnawing, troublesome, odious.
revolting (adjective)
unclean (adjective)
mucky, fetid, impure, putrid, dirty, unsanitary, smutty, grimy, dingy, unclean, sordid, squalid, muddy, foul, obscene, sloppy, slovenly, insalubrious, toxic, shabby, filthy, crummy, scatological, unhygenic, icky, untidy, odious, disgusting, festering, grubby, grungy, septic, murky, dusty, defiled, infectious, scruffy.
unhealthy (adjective)
unspeakable (adjective)
unutterable, unspeakable.
vulgar (adjective)
graceless, ignominious, scandalous, rank, glaring, garish, outlandish, animal, brutish, tactless, barnyard, undignified, coarse-grained, indelicate, homespun, unseemly, vulgar, ill-bred, in bad taste, philistine, unpolished, unrefined, profane, obscene, earthy, ignoble, clumsy, base, cockney, brazen, crude, sleazy, barbaric, sordid, inelegant, salty, boorish, degraded, rough, common, chintzy, broad, colloquial, low, repulsive, tasteless, rude, gross, coarse, crass, unbecoming, raw, shameless, tawdry, gaudy, depraved, cheap, revolting, idiomatic.
wicked (adjective)
yucky (adjective)
skanky, yucky.


insolent, impolite, abrasive, smart, ill-mannered, discourteous. blitzkrieg, bombardment, air raid, the Blitz, like, air strike, blitz, pain, blast, barrage, bombing. heavy, anti-personnel, anti-tank, antiaircraft, unsympathetic, long-range, displeasing, uncongenial, good, nonnuclear, explosive, live, conventional, nuclear. aggression (noun)
blitz, offense, blitzkrieg.
assault (noun)
attack (noun)
assault, Assailment, onslaught.
offensive (noun)
morbid, vile, raiding, nauseous, creepy, ghastly, repellant, odoriferous, invading, scurrilous, foul, invasive, nauseating, horrific, objectionable, scornful, hideous, onset, onslaught, yucky, distasteful, verminous, tip-and-run, incursive, hit-and-run, obscene, loathsome, disgustful, offense, marauding, abhorrent, unsavory, noisome, wicked, attacking, outrageous, assault, offending, unpleasant, attack, loathly, predatory, sepulchral, offence, revolting, rank, aggression, dysphemistic, unwholesome, antipersonnel, horrid, unsavoury, assaultive, scrimy, disgusting, charnel, repugnant, sickening, repelling, repulsive, drive, repellent, skanky, abusive, violative, insulting, Assailment, opprobrious, detestable, obnoxious, on the offensive, ghoulish.
warfare (noun)
drive, combat, jihad, aggression, scramble, struggle, contest, hostility, campaign, war, engagement, scuffle, guerre, warfare, bloodshed, crusade, fight, tussle, warpath, conflict, battle.

Other synonyms:

impertinent, displeasing, indecent, Assailment, impudent, impolite, rotten, ill-mannered, gory, discourteous, onside, abrasive. backhanded, uncongenial, offside, frightful, freestyle, rancid, onrush, onslaught. onset, attempt, unsympathetic, smart. assault. front. abominable
detestable, accursed.
uninviting, beastly.
Other relevant words:
execrable, marauding, ill-mannered, nauseating, scornful, impertinent, noisome, skanky, ribald, intolerable, violative, rotten, unsavory, ghoulish, lousy, accursed, insulting, discourteous, nauseous, adverse, abusive, blitzkrieg, assault, attack, impious, bloody, verminous, dysphemistic, impolite, attempt, unutterable, unattractive, forbidding, disgustful, offside, morbid, loathly, Assailment, opprobrious, invasive, objectionable, onslaught, pain, creepy, shameful, charnel, horrific, offending, horrible, repellant, displeasing, gory, insolent, rancid, outrageous, uncongenial, beastly, offense, abominable, freestyle, unsavoury, pernicious, horrid, unwholesome, offence, strike, onrush, hit-and-run, sickening, tip-and-run, abhorrent, corrupt, odoriferous, scurrilous, onside, on the offensive, unsympathetic, repelling, antipersonnel, distressing, dreadful, noxious, scrimy, hateful, backhanded, onset, yucky, invading, detestable, incursive, raiding, sepulchral, ghastly, macabre, blitz, assaultive, infamous, frightful, indecent, unspeakable, impudent, uninviting, predatory, grisly.

Usage examples for offensive

  1. We had expected 'him' to be offensive and he wasn't. – Grey Roses by Henry Harland
  2. The offensive of General Pershing was one of the most carefully planned of the war. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  3. There was nothing offensive – Indian Summer by William D. Howells