Synonyms for Colloquial:


all (adjective)
colloquial (adjective)
conversational, informal, slang, casual, vernacular, idiomatic.
particular, familiar to an area, informal (adjective)
conversational, demotic, chatty, common, dialectal, vernacular, everyday, idiomatic.
regional (adjective)
talkative (adjective)
chatty, conversational.
vulgar (adjective)
undignified, broad, crude, outlandish, unbecoming, tasteless, inelegant, common, ill-bred, rough, in bad taste, tactless, profane, vulgar, rude, gaudy, revolting, homespun, repulsive, graceless, philistine, obscene, gross, barbaric, base, unpolished, animal, sordid, sleazy, rank, scandalous, brazen, tawdry, barnyard, shameless, offensive, unrefined, depraved, idiomatic, clumsy, ignoble, cheap, brutish, coarse-grained, coarse, unseemly, boorish, indelicate, raw, earthy, garish, salty, degraded, crass, low, chintzy, glaring, ignominious, cockney.


Brokenly, everyday, substandard, local, Familiar, imperative, bantering, demotic, regional, natural, flatly, vulgate, koine, nonliterary, flat, spoken, slangy, Gibbering, dialectal, definite, ordinary, relaxed, nonstandard, fluent, native, halting. Confabulatory, words, chatty. colloquial (noun)
idiomatic, casual, informal, Familiar, vernacular, demotic, everyday, chatty, conversational.

Other synonyms:

Confabulatory, Gibbering, Brokenly, flatly, bantering. chatty, definite. fluent. flat. Other relevant words:
nonliterary, flat, ordinary, nonstandard, regional, words, fluent, vulgate, Confabulatory, bantering, slangy, native, definite, Brokenly, flatly, local, everyday, dialectal, Familiar, imperative, Gibbering, substandard, natural, spoken, chatty, halting, demotic, relaxed, koine.

Usage examples for colloquial

  1. His colloquial ease should not hide from us his mastery of all the devices of rhetoric. – Inquiries and Opinions by Brander Matthews