Synonyms for Drain:


wasted (adjective)
lost, ruined, wasted, gone.


pipe, get down to, swallow up, sewer, duct, eat into, go through, channel, conduit. strain, usage, adoption, operation, application, implementation, depletion, waste, exploitation, use, exhaustion, consumption, draining. rebate, dry off, tail away, let up, ebb, express, peter, aspirate, draw off. give, impoverish, balloon, electrocardiograph, catheter, electrocardiogram, drip, use up, ekg, rich, eeg, defibrillator, ecg. dash, course, cast up, burst, jade, come in, tire, wear down, wear, weary, deepen, wear out, tired, catch, crest. overtax, take it out of you, walk someone's feet off, finish off. drink, drink up, quench, imbibe, taste, have. act (noun)
channel through which liquid runs off (noun)
conduit, culvert, pipe, outlet, sewer, duct.
departures (noun)
pullout, vacation.
drain (noun)
waste pipe, enfeeble, flow off, run out, drainage, debilitate, flow away, drainpipe.
exit (noun)
runoff, egress, outcome, outlet, drainage, departure, exodus, efflux.


decrease (verb)
decrease, abate, recede, abridge, dwindle, compact, lessen, abbreviate, diminish, deplete, deduct, die down, concentrate, shorten, shrink, erode, contract, truncate, compress, decrement, subside, lower, deflate.
diminish (verb)
shave, taper, bob, reduce, condense, prune, lighten, weed, pare, trim, nip, downgrade, minimize.
dry (verb)
empty, blot, desiccate, dehydrate, evaporate, parch, wipe, suck dry, swab, wring out, dehumidify, catheterize, wither, dry, mop, stanch, pump out, vaporize.
enervate (verb)
debilitate, dissipate, sap, fatigue, tap, enervate.
exit (verb)
spout, outgo, depart, exit, outflow, run off, issue.
motion (verb)
run out.
reject (verb)
blacklist, emit, discharge, erupt, crop, jilt, exclude, reject, shed, blackball, secrete, jettison, shear, excise, discard, scrap, cut, deep-six, check, vomit, clip, snip, deny, bar, exhaust, excrete, lop, eject, oppugn, seep, trash, disgorge, eliminate, disallow, cull, chop, exude, vent, evacuate, spew, disapprove, curtail, disclaim, abandon, belch, junk.
remove liquid; remove supply (verb)
decrease, pump out, diminish, draw off, finish, drink up, dissipate, fatigue, sap, deplete, debilitate, reduce, consume, pump, spend, waste, dry, weary, strain, use up, empty, catheterize, tap, wear down, evacuate, expend, impoverish, suck dry, wear, exhaust, lessen, abate.
seep, discharge liquid (verb)
exude, dwindle, run off.

Other synonyms:

imbibe, peter, blush, electrocardiograph, catheter, electrocardiogram, defibrillator, color up, ecg, Diminishment, drink up, cutback, draw off. diminution, ekg, overtax, finish off, curtailment, aspirate, pump, slowdown, consume, reduction, tire, eeg, ebb, abatement. wear, spend, drip, impoverish, rebate, waste, quench. expend. drink, finish, flame, balloon. express, draw, flush. color. consume
peter, taper.
deep-six, jettison.
tail away.
use up

Usage examples for drain

  1. It was the high tide that drowned all this land, the low tide that drained it; and wherever a patch could be found just above the influence of the tide or near enough to some main channel for the rush and swirl of the water to drain the island, there the villages grew. – Hills and the Sea by H. Belloc
  2. One at law, the other as surgeon; but they are only beginning to stand on their own feet, and it was a drain – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss
  3. Brett's arms closed round her like a vice of steel, and the next moment she felt his lips on hers- on her eyes, her throat, the gleaming curve of moon- white shoulder, straining against them in fierce, possessive kisses that seemed to drain her of all strength to resist. – The Vision of Desire by Margaret Pedler