Synonyms for Concentration:


company, crash course, band, apprenticeship, audience, course, group, class, herd, ed, doctoral, flock, miscellany, array, crowd, articles, day school, army, correspondence course, mass, party, concourse. conflux, forethought, edge, introspection, assessment, soul-searching, confluence. bonanza, feast, avalanche, cornucopia, bombardment, complex, cascade, blizzard, deluge, excite. aggregation (noun)
band, herd, army, collection, flock, concourse, party, audience, company, array, accumulation, miscellany, group, mass.
attention (noun)
concern, entrancement, engrossment, diligence, attention, intentness, immersion, attentiveness, care, regardfulness, fascination, enrapture, watchfulness, observation, absorption, consideration, heedfulness, notice, caution, rapture, scrutiny, mindfulness, interest, alertness.
concentration (noun)
immersion, compactness, absorption, denseness, engrossment, assiduity, density, assiduousness.
consolidation of effort (noun)
combination, deliberation, convergence, absorption, concern, fixing, compression, congregation, application, study, consolidation, assembly.
convergence (noun)
focus, convergence, meeting.
decrease (noun)
contraction, decrease, reduction, decrement, deduction, shrinkage, erosion, curtailment, compression, compaction, abridgement, depletion, deflation, abbreviation, Diminishment, truncation.
density (noun)
frequency, intensity, strength, solidity, consistency, congestion.
thickness (noun)
compactness, solidity.
thought (noun)
deliberation, musing, contemplation, daydreaming, brooding, thinking, imagination, cerebration, evaluation, envisioning, intellection, calculation, pondering, brain work, preoccupation, meditation, Debating, weighing, reasoning, appraisal, speculation, lucubration, thought, cogitation, reflection, analysis, study, wistfulness.

Other synonyms:

cornucopia, introspection, intensity, bonanza, day school, soul-searching, correspondence course, doctoral, cascade, crash course, forethought, conflux. blizzard, bombardment, ed, collection, avalanche, apprenticeship. feast, complex, deluge, confluence, assessment. class. course. assembly

Usage examples for concentration

  1. The attitude of the standing woman to the right is grand, and the earnest concentration of the faces on the ceremony, and the absence of any connecting link between them and us, give dramatic reality to the scene. – Luca Signorelli by Maud Cruttwell
  2. It may not be that it is more intense, but the intensity of concentration which takes on its color makes it seem so. – The Psychology of Beauty by Ethel D. Puffer
  3. He was so closely knit in form; there was such concentration in face, bearing and gesture, that the isolation of his position was greatly deepened. – The World For Sale, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009