Synonyms for Ranks:


calculations (noun)
presumptions, deductions, judgements, conclusions, computations, estimations, approximations, Measurements, methods, thoughts, systems, Algorithms, Evaluations, statistics, appraisals, inferences, determinations, suppositions, considerations, mathematics, valuations, divisions, assessments, calculations.
categories (noun)
denominations, stocks, peoples, degrees, Classifications, Categories, brands, species, stripes, molds, kingdoms, Strains, Races, Phyla, Genotypes, Grains, levels, labels, designations, stamps, Genera, breeds, Styles, feathers, Taxonomies, persuasions, clans, Families, Varieties, steps, Castes, kinds.
rank and file (noun)
enlisted personnel, men, common soldiery, army, Soldiers, lower strata, soldier.
ranks (noun)
states, Stations, ranges, standings, footings, marks, statuses, stages, terms.
sequences (noun)
LINEs, trains, sequels, successions, consequences, series, progressions, arrangements, lineages, processions, concatenations, linkages, Legacies, subsequences, courses.
titles (noun)
reverences, graces, shields, positions, chevrons, decorations, garlands, titles, honors, Roles, colors, coronets, Crowns, crests.


calculates (verb)
quantizes, gauges, supposes, deduces, plans, values, divides, surmises, Schedules, enumerates, infers, calculates, sums, judges, Measures, systematizes, thinks, totals, rates, Tallies, computes, rationalizes, evaluates, determines, reckons, appraises, estimates, triangulates, assesses, adds, quantifies, figures, approximates, Studies, plots, schemes, concludes, weighs, Programs, accounts, multiplies, considers, scores, counts, guesses, presumes.
measures (verb)
Scales, benchmarks, Tests, Surveys, calibrates.
orders (verb)
separates, types, prepares, pigeonholes, charts, shapes, Marshals, normalizes, categorizes, sorts, organizes, integrates, adjusts, regulates, composes, maintains, orchestrates, schematizes, stratifies, mediates, methodizes, harmonizes, designs, sets, balances, devises, classifies, sifts, groups, places, grades, casts, collates, unifies, fixes, supports, Forms, screens, structures, unsnarls, Classes, frames, stabilizes, Rights, subordinates, controls, orders, establishes, arranges, settles, arrays.
ranks (verb)
Scales, positions, marks, places, grades.
sequences (verb)
concatenates, follows, aligns, queues, strings, lines up, threads, chains, links, sequences, progresses, succeeds.

Other synonyms:

soldier. Other relevant words:
Soldiers, army, soldier, men.

Usage examples for ranks

  1. In addition to these official boards, six official ranks were also introduced from China. – Japan by David Murray
  2. " I proceeded to load for the third time; but, before I had finished, the front ranks had passed on both sides of me, and I found myself in the midst of the herd! – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  3. Their first ranks being slain, those that were behind were forced to give back; it cannot be said they fled, but they retreated towards Mount Olocrus. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh