Synonyms for Blocks:


hindrances (noun)
deterrents, entrapments, obstacles, oppositions, obstructions, impasses, hurdles, drawbacks, stoppages, dampers, Inhibitions, Frustrations, complications, constraints, interruptions, blockades, cul-de-sacs, blockages, impediments, restraints, entanglements, restrictions, barriers, disadvantages, hindrances, encumbrances.
measures (noun)
inches, microns, rods, Measures, leagues, millimeters, minutes, Criteria, yards, hectometers, Feet, steps, angstroms, decimeters, mils, decameters, furlongs, fathoms, knots, ells, meters, cubits, centimeters, kilometers, seconds, Miles.
punishment devices (noun)
electric chairs, Pillories, stakes, racks, stocks, lashes, Prisons, Axes, scaffolds, maidens, straps, solitary confinements, whips, thongs, captivities, gas chambers, birch rods, iron, thumbscrews, rawhides, bull whips, gallows, guillotines, truncheons, gibbets, jails, switches, Canes, cowhides, whipping posts, nooses, ropes, torture chambers.
squares (noun)
cubes, rectangles, quadrilaterals, squares.


closes (verb)
locks, joins, bolts, closes, fastens, barricades, latches, seals, shuts, secures.
hinders (verb)
curbs, constrains, entraps, handicaps, restrains, catches, brakes, plugs, stays, crimps, drags, impairs, congests, paralyzes, baffles, complicates, dams, hamstrings, constipates, Delays, cripples, checks, chokes, encumbers, hinders, entangles, inhibits, frustrates, fouls, fetters, bars, interrupts, opposes, resists, snags, impedes, stops, tangles, clogs, thwarts, burdens, bungs, jams, mires, obstructs, restricts, Cramps, hampers, bottlenecks, counters, detains, snarls, deters.
prohibits (verb)
oppresses, disallows, curtails, controls, rejects, bans, prohibits, Denies, refuses, forbids, disapproves, precludes, prevents, outlaws, disqualifies, suppresses.

Usage examples for blocks

  1. The waiter and the barber who here may buy very small blocks of ten- dollar stocks have no such chance there. – Psychology and Social Sanity by Hugo Münsterberg
  2. Besides these there were a number of fascinating games and a box of stone blocks – Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  3. You know, better than any one else, I think, what the stumbling- blocks are, and who is putting them in my way. – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde