Synonyms for Bank:


embankment, assortment, mound, assembly, bale, levee, bevy, ridge. cliff, climb, ditch, eject, drop, ledge, come down, airlift, captain, buzz, down. banking, bar, Bank book, bank rate, balance, borrower, bank draft, BIPS, bank statement, apr, shoal, reef. exchequer, clearing bank, clearinghouse, the Fed, banker, building society, the FDIC, central bank, counting house, credit union. cape, catchment area, group, series, sequence, Bund, coastline, basin, bight, bay, line. belt, corridor, spur, lean, inclination, strip, incline, slope, bridge. club, cashier, pyramid, wall, casino, wad. cumulonimbus, cloudy, cirrus, column, agglomeration, mountain, mess, mass, cirrostratus, drift, order, shock, pile, hill, stack, cloud, billow, tumble, heap, cirrocumulus, cumulus. draw, close, open, borrow, credit, mortgage, debit, pay in. generate, get back, realize, make, get together, turn over, gross, net, get. bank (noun)
coin bank, depository financial institution, swear, camber, banking company, money box, banking concern, trust, cant, bank building, savings bank, rely.
bank on (noun)
financial institution (noun)
repository, safe, treasury, exchequer, credit union, stockpile, depository, vault, hoard, coffer, storehouse, store.
ground bounding waters (noun)
ledge, cliff, reef, beach, coast, levee, embankment, shore.
land (noun)
land, shore, mainland, terra firma, beach, coast, stone, earth, soil, ground.
preservation (noun)
conservation, freezing, preservation, sanctuary, refrigeration, Embalming, mummification, asylum, can, bottle, quick-freeze.
row or tier of objects (noun)
line, group, sequence, series.
sandbar (noun)
savings and loan association (noun)
savings bank, building society.
store (noun)
emporium, market, supermarket, accumulation, closet, Corncrib, silo, locker, cupboard, storeroom, larder, mart, commissary, buttery, coffer, treasure, depot, warehouse, arsenal, safe, storage, bin, depository, vault, granary, crib, repository, cellar, grocery, library, storehouse, lumberyard, armory, hayloft.
treasury (noun)
kitty, piggy bank, treasure house, drawer, chest, strongbox, coin box, cash box, exchequer, bursary, treasury, till.


collect money or advantage (verb)
mass, heap, mound, save, hill, pile.
lean or tilt (verb)
cant, camber, incline, slope.
preserve (verb)
mummify, embalm, preserve, conserve, freeze, petrify, marinate, refrigerate.
store (verb)
cache, hoard, save, archive, store, accumulate, stockpile.

Other synonyms:

cirrus, clearing bank, coastline, Bund, the FDIC, borrower, Bank book, credit union, bank statement, wad, bank rate, counting house, agglomeration, debit, cumulonimbus, cirrocumulus, wall, the Fed, cirrostratus, BIPS, ditch, central bank, assortment, banking, pay in, cumulus, bank draft, bevy. catchment area, eject, mountain, cape, pile, pyramid, airlift, bale, banker, apr, cloudy, clearinghouse, mound, heap. come down, billow, spur, assembly, captain, hill, column, stack. cloud, basin, drift, mess. buzz, belt, corridor, mass. climb, bridge, balance. credit, drop, strip, bar, bay. open. close. aslant
Other relevant words:
line, mound, shoal, inclination, heap, pile, hill, slope, incline, embankment, savings bank, rely.

Usage examples for bank

  1. But on the top of the bank he turned round for a moment and looked down again at Beardy Ned. – Half-Past Bedtime by H. H. Bashford
  2. May asked, as she came up, and stood on the bank above him. – A Venetian June by Anna Fuller
  3. Before me lay a green bank with a few trees on its top. – Wilfrid Cumbermede by George MacDonald