Synonyms for Perch:


aerie, nest, rookery. destination, disaster area, anchorage, poise, dodge city, dust trap, cradle, dumping ground, balance, cattle auction, center of excellence, posture. caw, chatter, flap, coo, beat, brood, cry, cheep, chirp. exist, get, there is/are etc., sit, belong, concentrate, stand, occupy, set. place, position, put, pile, put down, set out. bream, chub, Koi. bouillabaisse, filet, chowder, fillet, bloater. collapse, curl up, cuddle up, hunker down, bed down, bunk, lay, down, flop. upright, huddled, be slumped in/over etc. something, bolt upright, cross-legged, be seated, take a pew. fish (noun)
dogfish, walleye, minnow, barracuda, haddock, pickerel, rainbow trout, goldfish, fish, sturgeon, speckled trout, flatfish, Sting ray, bowfin, kipper, bluegill, smelt, lamprey, sea horse, bass, sole, flounder, carp, sardine, fluke, puffer, mackerel, albacore, grouper, pike, turbot, blackfish, Mudfish, goby, tarpon, sailfish, swordfish, shark, marlin, catfish, herring, eel, sunfish, tuna, gar, char, halibut, anchovy, hammerhead, salmon, whitefish, guppy, crappie, hake, ray, trout.
perch (noun)
light, landing place, rest, roost, alight, pole, rod.
quantity (noun)
pole, rod.
rack (noun)
seat (noun)
landing place.


abide (verb)
bunk, nest.
contact (verb)
rest, roost.
dwell (verb)
exist, flop, occupy.
light (verb)
perch (verb)
alight, light, rest, balance.

Other synonyms:

chub, cross-legged, rookery, aerie, Koi, sit. bream, huddled, nest. land
be seated.

Usage examples for perch

  1. The larks are ground- birds when they perch and sky- birds when they sing; from the turf to the clouds- nothing between. – Ways of Nature by John Burroughs
  2. Then climbing down from her perch on the front gate, she added to herself, " Mean old thing! – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  3. It was now daylight, so I came down from my perch – Indian Boyhood by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman