Synonyms for Black:


angry (adjective)
fierce, livid.
bad (adjective)
bad, unpleasant, baneful, inadequate, unfavorable, faulty, wrong, invalid, inadvisable, unsatisfactory, displeasing, unsound, inferior, arrant, defective, vile, ill-suited, poor, detrimental, wretched, irremediable.
black (adjective)
dark, ebony, charcoal, sable, dingy, midnight.
dark (adjective)
dreary, dusky, darkened, dark-skinned, cloudy, dismal, obscure, pitch-dark, shadowy, dark, sooty, shady, shaded, murky, umbrageous, silhouetted, ebon, inky, dim, swarthy, gloomy, somber, lightless.
dark, inky (adjective)
onyx, somber, sooty, pitch-dark, ebony, clouded, livid, murky, sable, dusky, shadowy, swarthy, jet, dingy, ebon, charcoal.
dejected (adjective)
depressing (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
grubby, unclean, grimy, sooty, soiled, uncleanly.
evil (adjective)
diabolical, bad, iniquitous, wicked, villainous, harmful, mean.
hopeless (adjective)
dismal, gloomy, bleak, sinister, dreary, sad.
tenebrific (adjective)
uncleanly (adjective)
wicked (adjective)
debased, sadistic, sinister, immoral, base, improper, lawbreaking, evildoing, felonious, bad, wicked, perverse, debauched, obnoxious, damnable, villainous, criminal, sinful, Misdoing, corrupt, shocking, wrongdoing, degenerate, indecent, reprehensible, depraved, iniquitous, blameworthy, scandalous.


hard, awful, inhuman, clouded, monstrous, uncharitable, unkind, cruel, pitiless. array, civvies, beachwear, coordinates, african, casuals, baggies, accessory, black tie, combats. heartbreaking, terrible, sad, jetty, unhappy, painful, onyx, ebon, colors, upsetting, tragic, pitchy. avocado, alabaster, azure, amber, beige, light, baby blue, amethyst, bluish. full-blooded, nation, multiracial, right, peccant, vicious, ethnic, ethnic minority, nationality, aryan, race, reprobate, minority. despiteful, respray, bleach, mean, fade, malign, hateful, malicious, poisonous, malevolent, tint, attitude, brighten, paint, malignant, venomous, spiteful, dye, color, redden. defile, befoul, smudge, begrime, smutch, sully, besoil, besmirch, soil. african-american (noun)
afro-american, negro, african.
attribute (noun)
black (noun)
calamitous, blackness, clothed, blackened, bleak, dim, in color, melanise, achromatic, dishonourable, hopeless, lightlessness, pitch blackness, covert, joseph black, afro-american, disastrous, disgraceful, wicked, dirty, smuggled, clad, black person, soiled, nigrify, unclean, blacken, coloured, african-american, negro, fateful, melanize, mordant, colorful, sinister, dark, grim, dark-skinned, fatal, contraband, blackamoor, total darkness, undiluted, shameful, Shirley Temple, negroid, ignominious, unfortunate, Shirley Temple Black, pitch-dark, colored, evil, sarcastic, illegal, angry, opprobrious, dishonorable, bootleg, inglorious.
colors (noun)
aqua, biscuit, apricot, buff, aquamarine, bronze.
darkness (noun)
dismal (noun)
melancholy, pessimistic.
person (noun)
Shirley Temple Black, Shirley Temple.


change (verb)
melanise, melanize, blacken.
darken (verb)
shade, make black.

Other synonyms:

Joseph Black
joseph black.
cheerless, hateful, defile, reprobate, malign, venomous, alabaster, vicious, joyless, absent, poisonous, race, cracker. ethnic. minority. flat. ebony

Usage examples for black

  1. She was a pretty girl with black eyes. – The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander by Frank R. Stockton
  2. And he is white and I is black and there you is! – J. Poindexter, Colored by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb
  3. I don't mean that all black men are bad, for they are not. – In Her Own Right by John Reed Scott