Synonyms for Multiply:


add to, step up, go through the roof, go up. populate, add up, project, propagate, generate, prove, produce. proliferate, soar, beef up, mount, aggrandize, upsurge, build up, build, swell, escalate, wax, run up, rise, snowball. reproduction. multiply (noun)
procreate, reproduce, manifold.


advance (verb)
grow, upgrade, elevate.
aggrandize (verb)
beef up, increase.
augment (verb)
amplify, inflate, reinforce, swell, build, add to.
beget (verb)
build (verb)
escalate, wax.
double (verb)
bifurcate, fold, duplicate, crease, double.
increase (verb)
burgeon, expand, augment, extend, upgrade, enlarge, increase, grow, advance, heighten, amplify, raise, increment, widen, reinforce, elevate, broaden, magnify, maximize, fatten, boost, inflate, accrue, lengthen.
multiply (verb)
magnify, expand, repeat, square, double, generate, procreate, extend, produce, add, boost, propagate, mount, enlarge, cube, manifold, aggrandize, aggregate, heighten, augment, raise, build up, rise, populate, proliferate, compound.

Other synonyms:

add to, step up, upsurge, beef up, propagate. escalate, wax, swell, proliferate, snowball. go up, soar, aggrandize. mount. rise. build. calculate
enumerate, gauge.
boost, snowball.
open up

Usage examples for multiply

  1. These, if left at liberty, would multiply far less than those of higher grade. – Eugenics as a Factor in the Prevention of Mental Disease by Horatio Milo Pollock
  2. The earliest effects will be to diminish the causes and occasions for hostilities among the tribes, to inspire an interest in the observance of laws to which they will have themselves assented, and to multiply the securities of property and the motives for self- improvement. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. It is needless to multiply proofs. – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown