Synonyms for Speculative:


academic (adjective)
chancy (adjective)
fluky, lucky, uncertain, potluck, chance, risky, causeless, coin toss, haphazard, random, accidental, hazardous, hit-or-miss, aimless.
curious (adjective)
deep in thought (adjective)
imaginary (adjective)
dreamy, inventive, conceptual, imaginary, fantastic, suppositional.
ruminative (adjective)
suppositional (adjective)
imaginary, suppositional, fantastic, conjectural, Prophesied, theoretical, presumed, hypothetical.
theoretical (adjective)
risky, uncertain, presumed, abstract, notional, hypothetical, hazardous, dangerous.


bingo, maybe, some, around, conservative, fair, about, What, perhaps. thoughtful, cogitative, ruminative, excogitative, contemplative, thinking, deliberative, meditative, pensive, reflective. abstract, academic. speculative (noun)
high-risk, questioning, unsound, theoretical, curious, notional, theoretic, wondering, insecure, bad, risky, inquisitive.
thoughtful (noun)
meditative, contemplative, thoughtful, pensive.

Other synonyms:

dangerous, pay, some, cogitative, profitability, ruminative, bingo, arbitrage, maybe, thoughtful, commercial, excogitative, fair, deliberative, boom, commercialism, What, speculation, perhaps. contemplative, reflective, academic, yield, conservative, meditative, pensive. about, around. abstract. rational
Other relevant words:
commercialism, abstract, perhaps, excogitative, bingo, curious, notional, What, conjectural, maybe, around, about, cogitative, pensive, high-risk, unsafe, meditative, reflective, insecure, inquisitive, questioning, dangerous, academic, ruminative, thoughtful, wondering, contemplative, speculation, thinking, deliberative, unsound, bad, theoretic.

Usage examples for speculative

  1. The girl considered him with speculative eyes: " I shouldn't exactly know what to do with you for the next hour if I didn't abandon you." – The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers
  2. In actual fact, whatever we may try to think as philosophers, we cannot help believing in the minds of other people, so that the question whether our belief is justified has a merely speculative interest. – Our Knowledge of the External World as a Field for Scientific Method in Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
  3. The speculative philosopher might find inducements to prosecute the inquiry, but his researches could only lead him to conclude that the paper system had probably better never have been introduced and that society might have been much happier without it. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various