Synonyms for Romantic:


endearing (adjective)
enticing, charming, Dallying, seductive, flirtatious, Love-making, cherishing, snuggling, Serenading, endearing, Nuzzling, inviting, wooing, caressing, alluring, spooning.
fictitious (adjective)
idealistic (adjective)
loving (adjective)
affectionate, admiring, caring, adoring, desirous, friendly, faithful, worshipful, sentimental, cherishing, fond, amorous, loving, passionate, intimate, devoted, endearing, infatuated, tender, erotic.
pert (adjective)
romanticist, romanticistic.
poetic (adjective)
sensitive (adjective)
lovesick, gooey, schmaltzy, mushy, maudlin, sensitive, tender, poetic, soft, sentimental, sloppy, mawkish, sappy, fanciful, dewy-eyed, starry-eyed.
sentimental, idealistic (adjective)
erotic, utopian, fascinating, extravagant, wild, dreamy, charming, exciting, exotic, adventurous, poetic, visionary, loving, tear-jerking, soppy, sloppy, quixotic, unrealistic, idyllic, starry-eyed, bathetic, maudlin, passionate, fanciful, amorous, tender, chivalrous, impractical, fond, daring, mushy.
visionary (adjective)


chivalrous, wild, fictitious, adventurous, autobiographical, idyllic, folklore, lyric, classic, abridged, biographical, filmic, courtly, fictional, extravagant, unrealistic, daring, gory, idealistic, dreamy, epic. aesthetic, avant-garde, camp, artistic, campy, baroque, ardent, artsy-craftsy, accessible. drippy, soppy, dramatic, enthralling, exciting, alive, thrilling, fast, eventful, exhilarating, bathetic, gushy, compelling, sobby, slushy, feelings, soupy, tear-jerking, exotic. sensual, vulgar, suggestive, indecent, animal, obscene. forward-looking, positive, optimistic, uplifted, in the fond hope that, hopeful, bullish. stargazer, Pollyanna, happy camper, live wire, a ray of sunshine, the life and soul (of the party), be good company, optimist. artists (noun)
caricaturist, futurist, the avant-garde, classicist, the Bloomsbury Group, illustrator, cartoonist, draftsman, artist.
interesting (noun)
interesting, intriguing, newsworthy, fascinating, original, thought-provoking, spellbinding, gripping.
person (noun)
romantic (noun)
impractical, loving, quixotic, amatory, romanticist, wild-eyed, romanticistic, amorous.
visionary (noun)
dreamer, visionary, romanticist, diviner, daydreamer, Don Quixote.

Other synonyms:

drippy, dreamy, soupy, optimist, forward-looking, suggestive, sobby, romeo, worshiper, tear-jerking, uplifted, gushy, sensual, beloved, bathetic, Pollyanna. admirer, slushy, indecent, stargazer, love, unrealistic, utopian, live wire, lover, optimistic. idealistic, animal, hopeful, bullish. positive. sentimental
Other relevant words:
Pollyanna, exotic, impractical, indecent, slushy, uplifted, quixotic, utopian, optimist, fascinating, wild, extravagant, gushy, unrealistic, artist, adventurous, tear-jerking, bullish, dreamy, idealistic, worshiper, love, romanticistic, sobby, romeo, soupy, exciting, soppy, wild-eyed, chivalrous, fictitious, optimistic, bathetic, fictional, admirer, amatory, suggestive, drippy, idyllic, daring.

Usage examples for romantic

  1. But I suppose you thought it romantic – The White Peacock by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  2. Don't be romantic mamma. – A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells
  3. He's just young enough and romantic enough to be caught in that way! – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson