Synonyms for Respond:


receive, pounce, come over, stand up, pick up on, turn around and do something. recover, action, nurse, heal, revive, pull through, shake, survive, fight off, strengthen. greet, meet, greeting, feelings. answer (noun)


answer (verb)
counter, rebut, return, echo, acknowledge, counter-accuse, counter-state, answer, explain, retort, come back, counter-reply, countercharge, expound, counterclaim, reply.
defend (verb)
guard, shield, argue, fend, backfire, support, protect, screen, safeguard, oppose, shelter, buffer, save, cover, police, avert, bar, sustain, ward, barricade, uphold, resist, counterattack, secure.
feel (verb)
grope, experience, fumble, finger, handle, undergo, probe, touch, feel, sense.
respond (verb)
justify, deny, defend, object, react, refute.
retaliate (verb)
reciprocate, revenge, redress, repay, counterblow, exchange, Retribute, reprise, return fire, counteract, retaliate, avenge.

Other synonyms:

talk back, riposte, pounce, answer back, pick up on, write back. survive, pull through, rejoin, stand up, fight off. receive. heal, revive, recover, greet. nurse. strengthen. shake. meet. answer
reply, answer back, talk back, counterclaim.

Usage examples for respond

  1. " Search me," Perry managed to respond – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  2. This fruit will live, no matter how we abuse it, but there are scarcely any that respond more quickly to generous treatment; and in the garden where it is not necessary to keep such a single eye to the margin of profit, many beautiful and interesting things can be done with the currant. – Success With Small Fruits by E. P. Roe