Synonyms for Environment:


abode, home, occupant, a roof over your head, address, occupier, the home front, town, habitation. bot, architecture, client, assembler, compiler, applet, computer program, add-on, browser, bootstrap program, be. place, event, state of affairs, conditions, near, locale, locality. limited, ecology, ambiance, medium, climate, atmosphere, the environment, the biosphere, natural resources, nature, resource, world, raw materials, element. conditions (noun)
ecosystem, background, circumstances, climate, entourage, atmosphere, setting, locale, external conditions, living conditions, context, habitat.
earth's system of natural resources (noun)
ecosystem, environs, atmosphere.
environment (noun)
ambience, environs, entourage, neighborhood, vicinity, surround, precinct, surroundings.
situation (noun)
scene, style, modality, layout, formation, status, site, aspect, quality, spot, post, circumstance, arrangement, state, property, mode, condition, placement, station, disposition, standing, configuration, position, location, situation.
surroundings, atmosphere (noun)
climate, circumstances, context, medium, element, entourage, conditions, ambiance, scene, neighborhood, locale, habitat, surroundings, situation, setting, background, status.

Other synonyms:

abode, habitation, occupant, the home front, climate, occupier, town, state of affairs, event. context, address, home, locale, circumstances, ambiance, atmosphere. world, nature. locality. medium. environmental science
Other relevant words:
element, habitat, locale, climate, medium, conditions, locality, context, home, atmosphere, occupant, ambiance, circumstances, surround, address, entourage, place, abode, ecosystem, occupier, ecology, setting, event, world, background, nature.

Usage examples for environment

  1. The programme was suggested by Froebel's Mother Songs, in which he deals with the child's nearest environment – The Child Under Eight by E.R. Murray and Henrietta Brown Smith