Synonyms for Approaches:


appeals (noun)
applications, invitations, invocations, solicitations, supplications, pleas, Prayers, Entreaties, bids.
arrivals (noun)
advents, accomplishments, arrivals, returns, debarkations, entrances, welcomes, homecomings, landfalls, destinations, Achievements, appearances, receptions, landings, touchdowns, attainments.
endeavors (noun)
adventures, assays, Efforts, purposes, Essays, attempts, enterprises, endeavors, gambits, Undertakings, aims, performances, projects, proceedings, jobs, actions, ventures, engagements, maneuvers, deeds, commitments, productions, contracts, exploits.
intentions (noun)
schemes, Policies, wishes, strategies, agendas, forecasts, considerations, Wills, procedures, choices, Intentions, calculations, expectations, ambitions, Prospectuses, scenarios, forethoughts, Goals, objects, proposals, Schedules, plans, Ideas.
methods (noun)
Schemas, systems, processes, manners, ways, tactics, mechanisms, courses, methods, techniques, Programs, Trajectories, disciplines.
offers (noun)
quotations, gifts, investitures, deals, Endowments, presents, Grants, donations, concessions, offerings, offers, submissions, issues, citations, overtures.


appeals (verb)
greets, beseeches, invites, applies, entices, appeals, pleads, solicits, entreats, supplicates, buttonholes, requests, implores, begs, Addresses, accosts, petitions.
approaches (verb)
accesses, closes, converges, looms, nears, impends, Gains, Comes, advances.
converges (verb)
concentrates, intercepts, merges, unites, Focuses, meets.
endeavors (verb)
commits, proceeds, engages, volunteers, acts, undertakes, performs.
ensues (verb)
develops, eventuates, follows, ensues, results, destines.
greets (verb)
kisses, salutes, notices, kowtows, embraces, bows, signals, vociferates, hugs, waves, curtsies, smiles, nods, hails, receives, acknowledges, shakes hands with.
offers (verb)
extends, cites, endows, tenders, imparts, quotes, renders, Gives, submits, bestows.

Usage examples for approaches

  1. Then now mark the point at which I am aiming:- not only do essential opposites exclude one another, but also concrete things, which, although not in themselves opposed, contain opposites; these, I say, likewise reject the idea which is opposed to that which is contained in them, and when it approaches them they either perish or withdraw. – Phaedo The Last Hours Of Socrates by Plato
  2. The nearer the species approaches to complete extermination, the more eagerly are the wretched fugitives pursued to the death whenever found. – The Extermination of the American Bison by William T. Hornaday