Synonyms for Cautious:


all (adjective)
attentive (adjective)
observant, Scrutinizing, absorbed, heedful, entranced, sharp, watchful, rapt, careful, interested, Immersed, diligent, enraptured, attentive, concerned, fascinated, Hearkening, alert, regardful, responsible, observing, Considering, mindful, intent, vigilant, engrossed, Concentrating.
careful, guarded (adjective)
politic, heedful, watchful, circumspect, discreet, cagey, vigilant, prudent, gingerly, considerate, judicious, wary, provident, chary, safe, alert.
cautious (adjective)
deliberate, aware, prudent, observant, heedful, circumspect, guarded, alert, attentive, wary, watchful, mindful, careful.
circumspect (adjective)
mindful, solicitous, prudent, politic, discriminatory, watchful, thoughtful, safe, study at careful, judicious, discretionary, diplomatic, careful, considerate, circumspect, observant, discreet.
defensive (adjective)
Sheltering, secure, countering, guarding, wary, armored, guarded, buffering, defensive, shielding, protective.
gingerly (adjective)
on guard (adjective)
vigilant (adjective)
sharp-eyed, ready, prudent, strict, prepared, fastidious, particular, responsible, conscientious, attentive, scrupulous, thoughtful, fussy, mindful, careful, exacting, meticulous, regardful, observant, precise, diligent, watchful, finical, vigilant, guarded, heedful, provident, thorough, alert.


methodical, organized, systematic, painstaking, exact. forehanded. cautious (noun)
careful, guarded, moderate, conservative, overcautious, unadventurous, restrained, gingerly, cagey, dilatory, chary, fabian, timid, cagy.
group (noun)

Other synonyms:

organized, systematic, methodical. forehanded. exact. Other relevant words:
chary, moderate, cagey, dilatory, overcautious, organized, methodical, exact, conservative, painstaking, unadventurous, cagy, fabian, systematic, gingerly, timid, restrained, forehanded.

Usage examples for cautious

  1. There were eager men and cautious men, and men who looked secure and men who looked anxious, but neither man nor woman was looking for me. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. He was timid and cautious himself. – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  3. If rain is coming, the cautious receive full warning of its approach. – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman