Synonyms for At:


near (adjective)


after, ahead, half-hour, around, forward, fast, AM. barring, From, Against, Among, Amid, Into, aboard, failing. attached, Beside, nearby, united, next door, next to, alongside, close. DST, est, cst, ct, EDT, CDT, AHST, AST, ADT. age bracket, under, contemporary, peer, old, age gap, age, aged. direction, aspect, alignment, angle, position, orientation, way, in place, exposure. 999, 911, 190 number, 800 number, 411, 1800 number, 1471, 900 number, 0800 number, 0. Of. within, for the duration, over, in the midst of something, During, throughout. at (noun)
astatine, atomic number 85.
direction (noun)
through, Toward.
position (noun)
by, near, on, in, about.


about; in the direction of (preposition)
through, Toward, on, by.

Other synonyms:

forward, AM, cst, Among, ahead, ADT, barring, aged, DST, From, fast, Amid, During, AST, EDT, after, around, CDT, Into, about, age gap, age bracket, AHST, half-hour, Against, Toward. est, failing, age, throughout, orientation, Of, exposure, aspect, ct, old, aboard. contemporary, on, peer, direction, alignment. under, within, position. through. over. in. Other relevant words:
exposure, aboard, alongside, ahead, after, by, aspect, AM, around, nearby, Toward, through, about, on, From, in, near, Among, Amid, AHST, orientation, AST, fast, Of, Beside, Against, within, close, Into, alignment, ADT, ct, During, EDT, barring, next to, peer, direction.

Usage examples for at

  1. He does not understand business at all. – Roden's Corner by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. Perhaps I had better tell you that she is not at Valverde. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. You don't go at all. – Mr. Midshipman Easy by Captain Frederick Marryat