Synonyms for Animation:


cut, dash, oomph, peppiness, pep, cutting room, dub out, zip, dub in, vivaciousness, bounce, ginger, vivacity, dub over, dub, lan, cutaway, direct, pertness, esprit, direction, sparkle. might, get-up-and-go, steam, chick flick, costume drama, biopic, buddy movie, anime, chiller, blue movie, force, B movie, cartoon, go. color, fascination, novelty, spark, bite, mystery, buzz. action (noun)
motion, enterprise.
activity (noun)
energy, business, enterprise, performance, stirring, liveliness, movement, action, exercise, motion, agility, kinetics, activity, conduct.
animation (noun)
life, spiritedness, invigoration, vitality, living, brio, aliveness, vivification, liveliness.
attribute (noun)
energy (noun)
sprightliness, get-up-and-go.
excitement (noun)
electrification, disquietude, exhilaration, stimulation, turbulence, fire, inflammation, anxiety, fervor, furor, attentiveness, feverishness, arousal, effervescence.
high spirits (noun)
euphoria, exaltation, elation, inspiration, lift, uplift, Elatedness, happy.
life (noun)
vitality, life, creation, nature, lifeblood, life force.
liveliness; activity (noun)
sprightliness, vitality, sparkle, oomph, enthusiasm, energy, life, zeal, zip, esprit, vivacity, spirit, vim, excitement, verve, passion, exhilaration, fervor, zest, brio, action, vigor, dash, pep, elation, bounce.
oomph (noun)
vigor (noun)
industriousness, excitement, sprightliness, fervency, potency, gusto, zest, exuberance, relish, eagerness, Ardency, enthusiasm, zeal, strength, puissance, passion, friskiness, earnestness, verve, lustiness, spirit, vim, vigor, agitation, power.

Other synonyms:

chiller, vivaciousness, oomph, anime, dub over, chick flick, costume drama, B movie, spark, buddy movie, cutaway, ginger, dub in, blue movie, dub out, peppiness, cutting room, biopic. novelty, sparkle, get-up-and-go, steam, pertness, fascination, esprit, zip, pep. cartoon, dub, color, mystery. might, bite. direct, force, direction. buzz. cut. high spirits
Elatedness, euphoria, elation, uplift, inspiration, exaltation.

Usage examples for animation

  1. When discovered, it seemed at first, as must naturally be supposed, in a very torpid state; but it soon recovered animation and activity, and, as if sensible of the blessings of freedom, made its way to a collection of stones, and disappeared. – The Romance of Natural History, Second Series by Philip Henry Gosse
  2. Confusion was dispelled, a quick and grateful animation took possession of her, to be replaced an instant after by the disconcerting reflection that there was in his face or manner not the faintest sign of emotion or embarrassment. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker