Synonyms for Sluggishness:


torpidity, hebetude, languidness, stupor, action, leadenness. sloth, Do-nothingism, industrious, shiftlessness, sluggardness. apathy (noun)
idleness, languor, drowsiness, fatigue, laziness.
dullness (noun)
dimness, Sopor, slowness, drowsiness, denseness, ponderousness, thick-wittedness, sleepiness, obtuseness, stupidness, cloddishness, bluntness, apathy, benumbedness, dullness, lethargy, languidness, doltishness, stupefaction, boorishness.
fatigue (noun)
enervation, fatigue, weariness, exhaustion.
inaction (noun)
inertness, inactivity.
inactivity (noun)
inertia (noun)
drowsiness, paralysis, passivity, immobility.
inertness (noun)
insensibility, catatonia, languor, paralysis, dormancy, passivity, lifelessness, listlessness, Inanimation, stagnancy, motionlessness, idleness, inactivity, stillness, inertness, immobility, reposefulness, hibernation, coma.
lethargy (noun)
slothfulness, tiredness, indolence, laziness, torpor.
slowness (noun)
plodding, retardation, leisureliness, lingering, Loitering.
sluggishness (noun)
languor, lethargy, phlegm, lassitude.

Other synonyms:

Do-nothingism, shiftlessness, sluggardness, torpidity, hebetude, leadenness. sloth. Other relevant words:
sloth, shiftlessness, stupor, languidness, sluggardness, phlegm, hebetude, leadenness, lassitude, torpidity, Do-nothingism.

Usage examples for sluggishness

  1. Emilia was eager to thank her friend, if only for the physical relief from weariness and sluggishness which she was experiencing. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. At length he arose, with dull pains in his head, and an oppressive sluggishness of the whole body. – The Home Mission by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English