Usage examples for inquietude

  1. He has neither a grave nor a familiar face, his brow is sometimes marked with thought, but never with inquietude in inspiring respect he inspires confidence, and his smile is always the smile of benevolence." – The True George Washington [10th Ed.] by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. A door opened from the parlor to the room of the musician; he rushed through it, and there, in a kind of shed to the building, which hardly sheltered him from the fury of the tempest, clad in the garments of the extremest poverty, with an eye roving in madness, and a body rocking to and fro from mental inquietude he beheld seated on a stone the remains of his long lost brother, Francis. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. Marishka, who had listened with growing inquietude to these revelations of her danger, had risen and paced nervously the length of the room. – The Secret Witness by George Gibbs