Synonyms for Movable:


active (adjective)
changeable (adjective)
flighty, modifiable, inconstant, unstable, alterable, vacillating, transformable, restless, irresolute, fickle, mutable, convertible, volatile, Transposable, changeable, wavering, ever-changing, mercurial, changeful, fluid, varying, unsettled, adaptable, reformable, protean, versatile, flexible, variable, precarious, shifting, Vicissitudinous, unsteady, adjustable.
detachable (adjective)
mobile (adjective)
moving, transportable.
moving (adjective)
removable (adjective)
transferrable (adjective)
portable, transmittable, conveyable, transportable, transferrable.
transportable (adjective)
motile, on wheels, Liftable, moving, not fixed, mobile, adjustable, turnable, deployable, conveyable, detachable, portable, in parts, unstationary, unattached, Shiftable, loose, unfastened, separable, unsteady, adaptable, ambulatory, removable, transferable.


suite, on wheels, knocked down, a stick of furniture, in parts, unit, furniture, free, Drawable, ambulatory, motile, unstationary, detachable, Liftable, not fixed, derangeable, separable, deployable, furnishings, unattached, unfastened, flat-pack, turnable, pullable, loose, unfixate, Demountable, Shiftable, in sections, removable. machine, mobility, appointment, Furnishing, fitting, maneuverable. owned, possession, effect, personal property, thing, personal effects, belonging, lares and penates, stuff, good, property. moving, traveling, move. movable (noun)
portable, transferrable, mobile, transportable, moveable, transferable.

Other synonyms:

furniture, maneuverable, belonging, flat-pack, lares and penates, personal effects, personal property, furnishings, Furnishing. mobility. property, traveling, moving, stuff. fitting, possession. effect, suite. appointment. thing, unit. detachable
Other relevant words:
personal effects, unit, ambulatory, free, Liftable, appointment, possession, traveling, Furnishing, lares and penates, moving, motile, loose, not fixed, belonging, furnishings, unstationary, furniture, property, unfastened, separable, stuff, thing, fitting, mobile, maneuverable, good, personal property, effect, detachable, on wheels, move, turnable, moveable, transferable, suite, removable, unattached, deployable, Shiftable, in parts.

Usage examples for movable

  1. These are divided into three classes: movable mixed and immovable. – Common Diseases of Farm Animals by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  2. It was certainly the heaviest movable object on that islet since the creation of the world. – 'Twixt Land & Sea by Joseph Conrad