Synonyms for Portable:


easily transported (adjective)
conveyable, manageable, movable, compact, transportable.
mobile (adjective)
transportable, moving.
transferrable (adjective)
movable, transferrable, transmittable, conveyable, transportable.


asynchronous, compatibility, bursty, active, Antivirus, backward-compatible, case-sensitive, compatible, best-of-breed, clickable. all-purpose, multipurpose, dual-purpose, universal, multifunctional, one-size-fits-all, versatile, general-purpose, adaptable. automatic, automatically, clockwork, analog, built, clean, cordless, auxiliary, clever, broken. maneuverable, mobility, moving. portable (noun)
outboard, movable, take away, takeout.
transportable (noun)
manageable, compact, easily transported, transferable.

Other synonyms:

maneuverable. moving, mobility. negotiable
take away.
Other relevant words:
compact, outboard, moving, takeout, manageable, easily transported, transferable, maneuverable.

Usage examples for portable

  1. Even our soldier attendant, as soon as the wooden saddle was taken from his sore- backed government steed, would produce his portable lamp, and proceed to melt on his needle the wax- like contents of a small, black box. – Across Asia on a Bicycle by Thomas Gaskell Allen and William Lewis Sachtleben
  2. Under the direction of one stout individual who seemed to possess authority the fire apparatus had been replaced in a portable steel garage arranged for the purpose in a farther corner, and now several men were engaged in cleaning up the dirt and litter caused in the excitement. – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve
  3. At his side upon the platform sat his wife behind a little portable organ, her face equally gentle, sincere and irresolute. – The Major by Ralph Connor