Synonyms for Mobile:


all (adjective)
peregrine, nomadic, roving, wandering.
changeable (adjective)
movable, travelling (adjective)
motile, free, changeable, roving, ambulatory, moving, fluid, motorized, loose, versatile, wandering, portable, nomadic, unsettled.


black, darkly, bug-eyed, dark, brooding, appealing, curious, absent, bleak, beatific. trim, traveling, decor, adornment, ornament, Patterning, move, decoration, border, moving, embellishment, detailing, overlay. change, plastic, ascent, come out, climb, comedown, bankrupt, acquire, beggar, disestablish, descend. calling card, bleeper, cameraphone, 4G, cell, beeper, 3G, answering machine, card, button. commercial, custom-made, cut rate, custom-built, consumable, branded, custom, brand name, commercially, cash-and-carry. mobility. mobile (noun)
ambulatory, ambulant, transplantable, raisable, airborne, motile, peregrine, rotatable, manoeuvrable, mobile river, rangy, flying, nomadic, mechanised, waterborne, roving, maneuverable, raiseable, movable, transferrable, wandering, fluid, changeful, perambulating, versatile, seaborne, moveable, floating, motorized, transportable, unsettled, mechanized, changeable, transferable.
movable (noun)
loose, free, portable.
object (noun)
mobile river.

Other synonyms:

Mobile River
mobile river.
mobility. traveling. plastic. changeful
Other relevant words:
climb, bankrupt, darkly, disestablish, 4G, descend, comedown, mobility, beeper, free, border, custom-made, commercially, bleeper, plastic, cell, black, moving, detailing, beatific, custom-built, cut rate, dark, ascent, absent, overlay, button, card, decoration, brand name, portable, brooding, loose, beggar, bleak, embellishment, traveling, adornment, custom, bug-eyed, consumable, trim, Patterning, acquire, 3G, move, appealing, ornament, curious, change, cameraphone, commercial, branded, decor, cash-and-carry.

Usage examples for mobile

  1. Yet in spite of his good looks and astonishing colouring, Meg was right in her consciousness that for women there was more magnetic attraction in Mike's mobile plainness, in his sensitive, irregular features. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  2. Very little of the normal color had returned to his thin, mobile features. – Voodoo Planet by Andrew North
  3. She looked at them with interest, and indeed they were interesting in their way; tall, spare men, light coloured, with refined, mobile faces. – Benita, An African Romance by H. Rider Haggard