Synonyms for Lethargy:


uninterest, Insensibleness, Incuriousness, stolidness, unresponsiveness, Incuriosity, disinterest, feelings. attribute (noun)
languor, phlegm, sluggishness.
dullness (noun)
denseness, drowsiness, bluntness, ponderousness, thick-wittedness, sleepiness, apathy, dimness, benumbedness, slowness, Sopor, dullness, obtuseness, doltishness, stupidness, cloddishness, sluggishness, stupefaction, boorishness.
fatigue (noun)
enervation, weariness, fatigue, exhaustion.
inaction (noun)
standstill, inaction, stagnation, rest, passiveness.
inactivity (noun)
Sedentariness, motionless.
inertia (noun)
drowsiness, immobility, paralysis.
inertness (noun)
hibernation, immobility, coma, insensibility, reposefulness, languor, catatonia, idleness, passivity, lifelessness, paralysis, inactivity, inertness, stillness, Inanimation, stagnancy, listlessness, motionlessness, dormancy.
insensibility (noun)
laziness, sluggishness (noun)
drowsiness, phlegm, lassitude, hebetude, inertness, inanition, inactivity, coma, idleness, inaction, dullness, disinterest, passiveness, indolence, torpidity, listlessness, sleepiness, slowness, apathy, languor, stupor, sloth, torpor.
lethargy (noun)
languor, slothfulness, sluggishness, laziness, indolence, phlegm, tiredness, torpor, lassitude, inanition.
slowness (noun)
Loitering, leisureliness, retardation, plodding, lingering.

Other synonyms:

stolidness, unresponsiveness, uninterest, torpidity, Incuriosity, Incuriousness, Insensibleness, leadenness, hebetude. languidness, disinterest.

Usage examples for lethargy

  1. He sank helplessly down upon his chair once more, and rested his throbbing brow upon his hands, his misery so acute that he felt that he was going mad; but as the time went on, a dull feeling of lethargy came over him, and he sat there crouched together till Mrs Alleyne came into the room and touched him with her cold, thin hand, when he started. – The Star-Gazers by George Manville Fenn
  2. But there was no longer any lethargy in his manner. – Captivating Mary Carstairs by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  3. As it was, I felt myself safe, for four hours must pass, I knew, before Vincenzo could awake from his lethargy – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli