Synonyms for Awareness:


sensitivity, lore, expertise, understanding, Familiarity. intuition, reason, wisdom, judgment, vision, knowledge, common sense, intelligence, intellect, brilliance, clarity. awareness (noun)
consciousness, cognizance, cognisance, knowingness, sentience.
caution (noun)
carefulness, care, caution, deliberation, guardedness, heed, attentiveness, wariness, circumspection, prudence, vigilance, discretion, mindfulness, heedfulness, alertness.
cognition (noun)
consciousness, knowingness, cognizance, cognisance.
consciousness (noun)
discernment, aliveness, comprehension, appreciation, sensibility, recognition, knowledge, acquaintanceship, apprehension, also knowledge, keenness, realization, experience, information.
feeling (noun)
knowledge (noun)
lore, consciousness.
knowledgeableness (noun)
sensibility (noun)
consciousness, astuteness, sentience, cognizance, perception, impression, responsiveness, sensation, feeling.

Other synonyms:

experience, lore, judgment, wisdom, comprehension, expertise. information, understanding, Familiarity. sensitivity. awareness
Other relevant words:
information, knowledge, appreciation, intellect, common sense, recognition, cognisance, discernment, apprehension, lore, judgment, realization, understanding, expertise, knowingness, acquaintanceship, clarity, experience, vision, brilliance, comprehension, sensitivity, intuition, sensibility, Familiarity, intelligence, aliveness, reason, wisdom, keenness.

Usage examples for awareness

  1. But it came to her keenly in her new awareness that his questions covered the whole of a woman's life: Her name, her home, and the ones that loved her there. – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various
  2. For every sentence Dr. Droon uttered, a dozen other sentences appeared in her awareness – Novice by James H. Schmitz