Synonyms for Confinement:


internment, accouchement, correctional, life, hard labor, extraordinary rendition, life sentence, parturition, delivery, childbirth, life imprisonment. charge, ward, free. limited. childbirth (noun)
childbed, travail, delivery.
confinement (noun)
labour, childbed, parturiency, travail, lying-in, labor.
enclosure (noun)
enclosure, barrier, cage, prison, cell, fence, trap, pen, jail, envelopment.
giving birth (noun)
imprisonment; restriction (noun)
curb, constraint, detention, jail, safekeeping, custody, incarceration, keeping, check, coercion, repression, circumscription, control, internment.
limit (noun)
punishment (noun)
judgment, distress, chastisement, sentence, burden, crucifixion, verdict, discipline, affliction, anguish, reprisal, payment, punishment, agony, execution, penalty, torture, fine, forfeiture, imprisonment, revenge, price, retribution, incarceration, persecution, castigation, correction.
restraint (noun)
detention, impediment, inhibition, leash, shackle, collar, restriction, hindrance, constriction, stricture, restraint, control, bondage, bridle, constraint, Detainment, tether, blockage.
seclusion (noun)
eradication, extirpation, exile, seclusion, apartheid, extradition, excommunication, rejection, aloneness, xenophobia, anonymity, isolation, misanthropy, captivity, Reclusion, expatriation, banishment, standoffishness, solitude, ostracism, segregation, elimination, aloofness, ejection, exclusion, disbarment, deportation, alienation, loneliness, detachment, removal, separation.

Other synonyms:

correctional, circumscription, chains, life imprisonment, hard labor, life sentence, extraordinary rendition. delivery. ward. life. delivery
Other relevant words:
coercion, parturition, delivery, accouchement, labor, lying-in, childbirth, closeness, travail, ward, internment, curb, hard labor, charge, correctional, childbed, chains, check, quarantine, birth, custody, circumscription, parturiency, labour.

Usage examples for confinement

  1. I pass my word, Madame; I do not like confinement – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  2. After so long a confinement on a service so peculiarly disgusting and troublesome, it cannot be matter of surprise that we were overjoyed at the near prospect of a change of scene. – A Narrative of the Expedition to Botany Bay by Watkin Tench
  3. But she could not sit still- her child was ever before her; and all that had passed during her confinement appeared to be a dream. – Maria The Wrongs of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft