Synonyms for Attention:


charity, hospitality, altruism, liberality, recognition, awareness, kindness, warmth, support, generosity, assiduousness. double time, Mannerliness, inspect, inspection, politeness, annapolis, rudeness, exercise, drill, respects, boot camp, halt. excite. see, mark, remark, note, cognizance, knowledge, espial. amenity (noun)
attention (noun)
care, enrapture, concentration, intentness, attending, aid, immersion, rapture, mindfulness, regardfulness, notice, observation, alertness, tending, consideration, concern, watchfulness, absorption, heedfulness, diligence, caution, engrossment, entrancement, attentiveness, fascination, interest, scrutiny, observance.
concentration (noun)
thinking, engrossment, scrutiny, diligence, intentness, immersion, absorption, consideration, thought, deliberation, heedfulness, contemplation, study.
consideration, care (noun)
concern, notice, recognition, observation, regard, awareness.
hearing (noun)
hearing, audition.
point out (noun)
indicate, remind, note, designate, warn.
thought (noun)
cogitation, intellection, daydreaming, preoccupation, calculation, appraisal, pondering, thought, reflection, brain work, speculation, thinking, brooding, wistfulness, envisioning, deliberation, Debating, analysis, musing, evaluation, contemplation, imagination, lucubration, cerebration, meditation, reasoning, weighing, study.
vigilance (noun)

Other synonyms:

attention span, annapolis, observant, espial, double time, focused, attentive, boot camp. halt, recognition, inspection. cognizance, regard, inspect. alert, drill, concerned. exercise. note. mark.

Usage examples for attention

  1. I am going to talk most of the girl because she needs more attention than the boy. – Parent and Child Vol. III., Child Study and Training by Mosiah Hall
  2. The boys hardly gave attention to these words, but had good cause to remember them later. – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  3. You know she likes attention – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë