Synonyms for Excitement:


binge, blast, change, enjoyment, crowd pleaser, escapism, amusement. hot, pleasure, delight, kick, feelings, excite, anticipation, joie de vivre, heat, wonder, satisfaction. agitation (noun)
drama (noun)
theater, choreography, suspense, broadway, pageant, melodrama, scene, panorama, tragedy, presentation, pantomime, teleplay, art, mystery, ballet, improvisation, burlesque, comedy, spectacle, vaudeville, improvisational drama, production, characterization, drama, mime, rendering, show, skit, variety.
emotion (noun)
mood, sentiment, emotion, sensation, feeling, fear, anger, sadness, hatred, temperment, sympathy.
enthusiasm (noun)
enthusiasm; incitement (noun)
disturbance, passion, heat, stir, hubbub, dither, turmoil, melodrama, bother, trepidation, feeling, activity, emotion, perturbation, agitation, commotion, hurry, hullabaloo, flurry, animation, to-do, furor, confusion, drama, excitation, fuss, thrill, rage, ado, stimulation.
excitement (noun)
disquietude, stimulation, turmoil, feverishness, upheaval, inflammation, fervor, electrification, fervour, attentiveness, effervescence, exhilaration, hullabaloo, anxiety, agitation, turbulence, arousal, excitation, furor, fire.
feeling (noun)
excitation, exhilaration.
mental state (noun)
vigor (noun)
verve, earnestness, strength, agitation, industriousness, fervency, puissance, liveliness, vigor, passion, lustiness, Ardency, activity, gusto, agility, exuberance, animation, energy, sprightliness, zeal, zest, potency, eagerness, enthusiasm, friskiness, power, relish, spirit, vim.

Other synonyms:

joie de vivre, thrill, wonder, anticipation. satisfaction, pleasure, rage, confusion, amusement. enjoyment, flutter, kick, delight. bustle
Other relevant words:
delight, flutter, confusion, enjoyment, anticipation, fervour, ado, stir, change, excitation, dither, flurry, blast, rage, kick, disturbance, perturbation, upheaval, fuss, commotion, hubbub, bother, hullabaloo, heat, wonder, excite, thrill, satisfaction, bustle, fluster, excitedness, trepidation, to-do, turmoil, tizzy, hot, amusement, hurry.

Usage examples for excitement

  1. " There will be a great deal of excitement to- morrow," said Susy. – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  2. You don't want me, you don't want to marry me at all, you just want - excitement – The Tinder-Box by Maria Thompson Daviess
  3. The whole State was in a condition of excitement that is hard to describe. – Stories Of Georgia 1896 by Joel Chandler Harris