Synonyms for Agony:


neuralgia, EINA. wretchedness, happy, sorrow, sadness, depression, disappointment, regret, desolation, remorse. adversity (noun)
curse, adversity, mishap, burden, trial, contretemps, poorness, misadventure, destitution, bad luck, misfortune, hard luck, bane, tribulation, blight, tragedy, poverty, calamity, disaster, difficulty, woe, trouble, hardship, dolor, casualty, hard times, peril, ordeal, catastrophe, rainy day.
agony (noun)
torture, torment, excruciation, suffering.
feeling (noun)
torment, torture.
pain (noun)
grief, hurt, earache, chafing, sore, spasm, painfulness, Migraine, headache, wound, wrench, gripe, infliction, stab, burn, irritation, misery, bite, sting, throb, suffering, pang, torture, crick, bruise, throe, ache, rack, affliction, torment, distress, malaise, injury, stitch, pain, Back Ache, anguish, cramp, discomfort, smarting, inflammation.
painfulness (noun)
acuteness, severity, irksomeness, offensiveness, uncomfortableness, distressfulness, hurtfulness, odiousness, annoyingness, bitterness, oppressiveness, cruelty, soreness, grievousness, arduousness, woefulness, aggravation, unpleasantness.
punishment (noun)
execution, punishment, persecution, imprisonment, castigation, verdict, reprisal, judgment, forfeiture, retribution, price, fine, confinement, penalty, revenge, sentence, chastisement, incarceration, correction, discipline, payment, crucifixion.
suffering (noun)
study atdistress.
suffering, pain (noun)
torture, woe, misery, torment, anguish, dolor, distress, affliction.

Other synonyms:

neuralgia, EINA. wretchedness. Other relevant words:
excruciation, EINA, sorrow, depression, disappointment, remorse, desolation, neuralgia, happy, regret, wretchedness, sadness.

Usage examples for agony

  1. It had been agony for him to make this confession. – She Buildeth Her House by Will Comfort
  2. For all the agony of that terrible beating hit him at once. – Man of Many Minds by E. Everett Evans
  3. And I have been in perfect agony ever since, for fear it should be too late. – The Sign of the Spider by Bertram Mitford