Synonyms for Eager:


active (adjective)
vivacious, energetic, sedulous, animated, active, busy, stirring, moving, lively, sprightly, industrious, tireless, dynamic, bustling, assiduous, spirited, enterprising.
anxious, enthusiastic (adjective)
dying to, ardent, covetous, zealous, hankering, hungry, acquisitive, agog, earnest, desirous, wishful, hot, yearning, longing, greedy, avid, solicitous, ready and willing, champing at the bit, impatient, thirsty, athirst, fervent.
avid (adjective)
dying to.
desirous (adjective)
fond, covetous, expectant, passionate, amorous, Thirsting, acquisitive, hankering, grasping, needful, desirous, urgent, greedy, Lusting, yearning, wishful, hungry, ardent, itching, hopeful, longing.
dry (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
zealous, excited, dying to, mad about something, enthusiastic, enthused, fervent, spirited, born-again, exhilarated, wishful, hooked, wholehearted, motivated, fanatical, ardent.
hardworking (adjective)
hopeful (adjective)
hopeful, yearning, expectant, desirous, faithful, aspiring, optimistic, sure.
vigorous (adjective)
vigorous, frisky, emphatic, industrious, ardent, burning, lively, potent, earnest, agitated, virile, powerful, impassioned, hearty, mettlesome, sprightly, full-blooded, enthusiastic, spirited, lusty, excited, peppy, zippy, strenuous, active, fiery, passionate, zestful, afire, prolific, strong, fervent, puissant, energetic, ablaze, exuberant, zealous, animated.
willing (adjective)
willing, amenable, acquiescent, biddable, assenting, agreeable, cooperative, tame, flexible, plastic, pliant, submissive, compliant, pliable, tractable, yielding, earnest, malleable, adaptable, ductile, persuadable, receptive, susceptible, ready.
worried (adjective)


champing at the bit, ready and willing, thirsty, solicitous, athirst, agog, bursting, concern. eager (noun)
tidal bore, avid, great, eagre, bore, impatient, zealous, raring, dying, enthusiastic, hot, aegir, overeager, anxious.

Other synonyms:

agog, athirst. solicitous. bursting. Other relevant words:
dying to, athirst, aegir, bore, avid, anxious, bursting, wholehearted, eagre, hot, overeager, thirsty, born-again, impatient, wishful, champing at the bit, ready and willing, great, agog, dying, hooked, solicitous, tidal bore, raring.

Usage examples for eager

  1. " Always an eager beaver. – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. We were, of course, very eager to hear how Uncle Jeff had escaped. – In the Rocky Mountains by W. H. G. Kingston
  3. He was eager to fight Porcupine. – Verotchka's Tales by Mamin Siberiak