Synonyms for Attentive:


attentive (adjective)
diligent, entranced, responsible, engrossed, sharp, observing, Hearkening, careful, fascinated, mindful, intent, Scrutinizing, Concentrating, Considering, observant, enraptured, absorbed, alert, concerned, interested, rapt, vigilant, heedful, cautious, watchful, regardful, Immersed.
aware (adjective)
conscious, feeling, sentient, Apprised, aware, responsive, familiar with, appreciative, perceptive, cognizant, mindful, astute, sensory, observant, sensitive.
cautious (adjective)
mindful, careful, alert, prudent, guarded, circumspect, deliberate, cautious, wary, watchful, heedful, observant, aware.
concentrating (adjective)
conscientious, observant, Immersed, alert, watchful, fascinated, heedful, mindful, regardful, vigilant, intent, listening, interested, aware.
considerate (adjective)
thoughtful, solicitous, gallant, polite, courteous.
courteous (adjective)
excited (adjective)
aroused, impassioned, anxious, burning, fervent, disturbed, excited, Energized, ardent, passionate, animated, fiery, inflamed, disquieted, stimulated, feverish, agitated, electrified, turbulent, breathless, effervescent, exhilarated.
friendly (adjective)
genuine, Warm-hearted, amiable, welcoming, spontaneous, warm, good-natured, friendly, nice, pleasant.
hearing (adjective)
involved with (adjective)
loving (adjective)
vigilant (adjective)
responsible, fastidious, watchful, prepared, finical, thorough, heedful, sharp-eyed, precise, particular, thoughtful, careful, alert, fussy, vigilant, diligent, scrupulous, regardful, guarded, prudent, mindful, observant, meticulous, exacting, provident, cautious, conscientious, ready, strict.
worried (adjective)


under someone's critical eye, fixated, attention span, regard, attention. study at, considerate, courteous. excite. gallant, polite. attentive (noun)
solicitous, observant, listening, heedful, enwrapped, advertent, engrossed, oversolicitous, intent, wrapped, rapt, thoughtful, absorbed.

Other synonyms:

attention, attention span. courteous. regard. gallant. thoughtful

Usage examples for attentive

  1. Be particularly attentive to my dear aunt, Mrs. Dumbledock! – Mr-Punch-s-After-Dinner-Stories by Hammerton, John Alexander, Sir
  2. She is a very faithful woman, very kind and attentive to me, and very important to my father. – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins