Synonyms for Solicitous:


circumspect (adjective)
considerate, discretionary, discreet, safe, prudent, mindful, judicious, careful, circumspect, politic, diplomatic, discriminatory, observant, watchful, thoughtful, cautious.
courteous (adjective)
involved with (adjective)
loving (adjective)
paternal (adjective)
indulgent, paternal, patriarchal, fatherly, maternal, benevolent.
worried (adjective)
avid, eager, caring, concerned, careful, attentive, keen, ardent, uneasy, tender, loving, anxious, athirst, thirsty, mindful, raring, impatient.


generous, caring, sensitive, good, Warm-hearted, gentle, nice, warm. nervous, unsettled, distressed, feelings, anxious, uneasy, agitated. athirst, agog, concern, raring, impatient, thirsty, keen, bursting, avid, eager, Thirsting, ardent. gallant, polite, courteous. devoted (noun)
loving, tender, kind.
solicitous (noun)
attentive, concerned.

Other synonyms:

athirst, distressed, raring, Thirsting, agog. courteous, nervous, uneasy, anxious, eager, agitated. thirsty, unsettled. impatient, bursting, ardent, avid. gallant, keen. admiring
Other relevant words:
anxious, uneasy, Warm-hearted, athirst, caring, agog, keen, raring, feelings, distressed, gentle, thirsty, nervous, concerned, generous, Thirsting, unsettled, polite, careful, warm, courteous, sensitive, ardent, tender, bursting, impatient, gallant, kind, concern, avid, good, loving, attentive, eager, nice, agitated.

Usage examples for solicitous

  1. These two had become very friendly, according to her hopes; and Miss Paynham was extremely solicitous to draw suggestions from Mr. Redworth and win his approval. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Joy sensed something wrong and looked at him with eagerly solicitous eyes. – Smoke Bellew by Jack London
  3. The commander was a pious, excellent man, who, aware of the value of his own soul, was ever solicitous for the eternal welfare of all those placed under his authority. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston