Synonyms for Blooming:


floral (adjective)
flowering (adjective)
budding, growing, blossoming, sprouting, bearing fruit, flourishing, opening.
glowing (adjective)
radiant, rosy, fresh.
healthy (adjective)
healthy, rosy-cheeked.
juvenile (adjective)
junior, pubescent.
successful (adjective)
young (adjective)
childish, young, juvenile, fresh, girlish, inexperienced, junior, puerile, pubescent, callow, green, boyish, teenage, adolescent, unripe, immature, child-like, youthful.


pregnant, have a bun in the oven, in the family way, carry, be with child, heavily pregnant, expectant, be expecting (a baby), heavy with child. glowing, peaches-and-cream, beautiful. florid, colors, full-blooded, rubicund, sanguine, ruddy. complete, outright, thoroughgoing, dead, limited, damned, unreserved, flat, consummate, unrelieved, out-and-out, arrant, all-out, thorough, sheer, plain, unlimited, total, utter, downright, flat out, unbounded, perfect, pure, absolute, crashing, unequivocal, unqualified, positive, big, unmitigated. blasted, bloody, blessed, execrable, accursed, confounded, darn, blamed, like, infernal, cursed. blooming (noun)
flowering, healthy, bloom, rosy, rosy-cheeked, flushed, rose-cheeked.
flowering (noun)
flourishing, growing, burgeoning, blossoming, sprouting, efflorescent, Tasseling, bearing fruit, in flower, radiant, glowing, budding, thriving, opening.

Other synonyms:

crashing, pregnant, budding, blamed, unrelieved, blasted, peaches-and-cream, arrant. execrable, florid, ruddy, accursed, out-and-out, downright, rubicund, sanguine, thoroughgoing, glowing, expectant, beautiful, outright, full-blooded. consummate, darn, cursed, unbounded, all-out, flat out, pure, confounded, unmitigated, unlimited, infernal. damned, unequivocal, blessed, thorough. unqualified. positive, unreserved, absolute. dead, perfect, complete. flat. plain. carry. flourishing
Other relevant words:
bloody, damned, complete, flat out, sanguine, glowing, sheer, in flower, flowering, utter, cursed, sprouting, infernal, positive, downright, full-blooded, flourishing, blossoming, out-and-out, growing, pregnant, outright, plain, rose-cheeked, budding, consummate, darn, accursed, flat, burgeoning, crashing, ruddy, confounded, unlimited, efflorescent, beautiful, thoroughgoing, unqualified, bloom, pure, rosy-cheeked, unmitigated, blessed, execrable, peaches-and-cream, rosy, expectant, total, unequivocal, blasted, dead, florid, arrant, perfect, blamed, thorough, thriving, healthy, absolute, unreserved, all-out, flushed, radiant, unbounded, rubicund, unrelieved.

Usage examples for blooming

  1. Lily of the valley blooming near the alley Of the little garden close to my home! – The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects by Thomas Cowherd
  2. I can't carry the girl through the streets like a blooming monkey, can I? – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  3. Late arrival at the feast, Coming when the songs have ceased And the merry guests departed, Leaving but an empty room, Silence, solitude, and gloom,- Are you lonely, heavy- hearted; You, the last of all your kind, Nodding in the autumn- wind; Now that all your friends are flown, Blooming late and all alone? – The Poems of Henry Van Dyke by Henry Van Dyke