Synonyms for Cloister:


sanctuary, basilica, retreat, hermitage, order, chapter house, house. back, colonnade, alleyway, close, arcade, blind alley, alley, ambulatory, court, backyard, gallery, car park, campus. restrict, trap, pen in, include, lock in, shut in, sequestrate, imprison, restrain, quarantine, shut away. artifact (noun)
religious residence.
cloister (noun)
religious residence.
religious building (noun)
mosque, bishop's palace, rectory, priory, pantheon, manse, nunnery, clergy house, convent, cathedral, abbey, temple, house of god, shrine, church, tabernacle, parsonage, deanery, monastery, synagogue, vicarage, vatican, friary, pagoda, chapel, meetinghouse.
secluded religious place (noun)
retreat, order, abbey, convent, nunnery, hermitage, friary, house, priory, monastery, chapter house, sanctuary.


seclude (verb)
remove, blackball, banish, expel, screen, separate, segregate, deport, extradite, disbar, reject, evict, expatriate, isolate, sequester, confine, detach, closet, boycott, blacklist, insulate, alienate, eliminate, seclude, oust, ostracize, exclude, cordon, excommunicate, eject, extirpate, exile.

Other synonyms:

campus, hermitage, chapter house, alleyway, backyard, sequestrate, colonnade, alley, blind alley, basilica, court. retreat, arcade. back. close. seclude
sequestrate, quarantine.
Other relevant words:
hermitage, backyard, back, shut in, gallery, court, house, basilica, restrain, abbey, order, restrict, ambulatory, colonnade, arcade, retreat, chapter house, sequestrate, quarantine, religious residence, alley, sanctuary, imprison.

Usage examples for cloister

  1. One knows the men, and the many women, who have sacrificed all their solitude to the perpetual society of the school, the cloister or the hospital ward. – Essays by Alice Meynell
  2. After looking everywhere within the cloister and in the Abbey itself, he brushed past the old butler and walked down the avenue. – The Mandarin's Fan by Fergus Hume
  3. Mirrab's shouts when first she saw the combat, then her high- voiced altercation with Don Miguel, had roused the attention of some of the guard who were stationed in the cloister green court close by. – The Tangled Skein by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy