Synonyms for Ribbon:


chevron, yellow ribbon, insignia, armband, letter, badge, button, stripe. braid, corsage, flounce, fan, accessorise, marabou, frill, beading, binding, cord. bronze medal, gong, gold, bronze, blue-ribbon, gold medal. dot matrix printer, ink-jet printer, bubble-jet printer, inkwell, hot desk, hole punch, copy machine, copier, cube, fax. junk, litter, ruin, remains, e-waste, waste, trash, debris, garbage, landfill. victoria cross, the VC, the Congressional Medal of Honor, mentioned in dispatches, Military Cross, decorate, medal of honor. pole, string, spring, filament, stick, length, line, strap. badge (noun)
band (noun)
strip, trimming, fabric, fillet.
fastener (noun)
medal (noun)
medal, gold.
narrow strip of material (noun)
fillet, trimming, prize, binding, strip, braid, decoration, stripe.
object (noun)
ribbon (noun)
medal, typewriter ribbon, palm, thread, medallion, decoration, laurel wreath.
trophy (noun)
marker, favor, garland, memorial, memorabilia, palm, wreath, memento, remembrance, souvenir, cup, commemoration, keepsake, plaque, crown, prize, testimonial, treasure, monument, laurel, catch, trophy.


line (verb)

Other synonyms:

chevron, insignia, victoria cross, medal of honor, yellow ribbon, the Congressional Medal of Honor, Military Cross, armband, bronze medal, gold medal. gong, badge. decorate, letter, blue-ribbon, bronze. button. gold. Other relevant words:
fillet, stick, accessorise, waste, insignia, remains, length, decorate, fax, medallion, marabou, inkwell, thread, beading, junk, letter, landfill, fabric, button, laurel wreath, strip, garbage, gold, strap, ruin, gong, typewriter ribbon, spring, chevron, fan, line, e-waste, flounce, badge, cube, pole, frill, bronze, braid, decoration, trash, litter, corsage, medal, debris, filament, cord, trimming, binding, copier, string, armband, stripe.

Usage examples for ribbon

  1. " Think it is like the blue- ribbon army," he said, when he returned to Netty's side. – The Vultures by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. It's as red as the ribbon in your hair. – The Return of Peter Grimm by David Belasco Edited by Montrose J. Moses
  3. In another moment Stone came, with Campbell, in the Pell car and Iris breathed freely once more, as she felt stealthily for the pin in her belt ribbon – The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells