Synonyms for Cage:


apiary, birdcage, loft, goldfish bowl, beehive, fishbowl, dovecote, aquarium. artifact (noun)
cage (noun)
cage in, coop, batting cage, John Cage, John Milton Cage Jr..
co-op (noun)
crate, mew.
enclosure (noun)
confinement, enclosure, barrier, trap, envelopment.
enclosure with bars (noun)
coop, enclosure, pound, pen, crate, mew, jail, corral.
person (noun)
John Milton Cage Jr., John Cage.
prison (noun)
dungeon, confine, oubliette, jail, pinion, lockup, bastille, reform school, manacle, irons, prison, jailhouse, cell, penal colony, collar, shackle, pen, tether, bridle, brig, stronghold, stockade, vise, coop, handcuff, pound, harness, Alcatraz, fence, cooler, keep, gaol, straight jacket, reformatory, jug, penitentiary, pillory, San Quentin.


enclose (verb)
cover, surround, embrace, contain, hold, encompass, envelop, encircle, enclose, corral.
hold in enclosure (verb)
envelop, shut in, immure, confine, shut up, incarcerate, lock up, impound, imprison, enclose.
imprison (verb)
condemn, imprison, sentence, impound, fetter, lock up, incarcerate.
social (verb)
cage in.

Other synonyms:

apiary, dovecote, immure, birdcage. beehive, fishbowl, aquarium, loft, goldfish bowl. carton
corral, mew.
Other relevant words:
batting cage, John Cage, birdcage, John Milton Cage Jr., dovecote, cage in, fishbowl, immure, shut up, beehive, shut in, mew, loft, crate, aquarium.

Usage examples for cage

  1. I don't like an empty cage standing around. – Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective by Ellis Parker Butler
  2. See, she's got the window open and the cage hanging there. – Peggy in Her Blue Frock by Eliza Orne White
  3. " And the cage too," said the lady. – Little Robins' Love One to Another by Madeline Leslie