Synonyms for Levy:


chancellor of the exchequer, allowance, 1040 form, chargeable, 1099, corporate welfare, the Boston Tea Party, claw back, audit. over, willing, put, exact, obligation, assess. assessment, tax (noun)
duty, toll, custom, tariff.
levy (noun)
levy en masse, recruit, impose, raise.
price (noun)
tab, charge, price, worth, outlay, premium, cost, value, expense, duty, toll, tariff, dearness, damage, figure, tax, quotation, rate, amount.
toll (noun)


assess, impose (verb)
gather, tax, raise, collect, exact, charge.
competition (verb)
recruit, raise.
possession (verb)
take (verb)
appropriate, capture, acquire, deprive, confiscate, harvest, usurp, gather, reap, grab, catch, get, bag, amass, impound, monopolize, take, nab, procure, commandeer, abduct, annex, collect.

Other synonyms:

conscript, assess. induct. put, draft. Other relevant words:
conscript, draft, put, levy en masse, exact, raise, assess, recruit, induct, custom, impose, chargeable.

Usage examples for levy

  1. Mr. Levy was very anxious to make his visit as short as possible, since he had heard that Mr. John Vavasor was in the house. – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope
  2. They take what with us would be a " walk in the country," and as they pass they levy toll on every sod beside the road, or in a corner of a wall; on the fresh green leaves and twigs of neglected thickets; on brambles and weeds- rabbits adore weeds! – Home Fires in France by Dorothy Canfield