Synonyms for Come off:


dispense, drug, give, administer, administration (of an estate), drug up, dose. break through, progress, plod along, forge ahead, get along, get on with, outpace, advance, reach, get ahead. come out, disintegrate, drip-dry, hang up, dry clean, hang out, dry cleaner's, fall off, air, boil, dhobi. occur, happen, my ass, yeah, right, Bah, no way, come, come/come now, don't give me that, tell me another (one), that'll be the day, transpire, a likely story, you could have fooled me, come about. unfold, take place, come to pass, arrive. block, bobble, chop down, call, come-on, deny, blank, cover, dive. function, work, take off, develop, shape up, bear fruit, prosper. come apart, divide, come unstuck, separate, break/cut loose, come adrift. drop, fall, descend, plunge, slip, plummet, lower, lose your balance/footing. pack it in, must you?, the game is up, that's enough, don't bother, give it a rest, hold it, hands-off, stop it/that, cut it/that out. come off (noun)
break off, chip, break away, detach, go off, come away, chip off, go over.


change (verb)
go over, go off.
transpire (verb)
develop, go over, happen, come about, occur, take place, go off.

Other synonyms:

dispense, hang out, hang up, bobble, dhobi, drug up, dry clean. chop down, occur, administration (of an estate), shape up, drip-dry, drug, happen, boil, prosper, dose. transpire, administer. deny. take off. separate. come-on, dive, give. develop, divide, function. blank. air. block. work, cover. come out. call. happen
take place.
go over.
Other relevant words:
come out, happen, come apart, take place, come about, occur, come to pass, drop, disintegrate, fall, give, fall off, develop, transpire, come unstuck, work, prosper.