Synonyms for Fibrous:


all (adjective)
fibrous (adjective)
filamentous, threadlike, thready, stringy, Fibroid, flossy, Filamentary, wiry.
stringy (adjective)
sinewy, veined, woody, hairy, coarse, Stalky, Tissued, wiry, threadlike, pulpy, Fibroid.


creased, colorfast, filmy, brushed, diaphanous, cellular, Breathable, distressed, crisp. fibrous (noun)
sinewy, tough, hempen, stringy, unchewable.
stringy (noun)
hairy, Tissued, Stalky, woody, coarse, veined, pulpy.

Other synonyms:

colorfast, diaphanous, brushed, creased, filmy. Breathable. cellular. distressed. crisp. Other relevant words:
hairy, creased, distressed, veined, pulpy, hempen, crisp, unchewable, tough, sinewy, woody, Stalky, coarse, Tissued, Breathable, Fibroid, filmy.

Usage examples for fibrous

  1. It was towards six o'clock, and the slanting sunrays beat pitilessly into my face, which was thick with fibrous grime, when, with Thorn lagging behind, I tramped stiffly beside the wagon towards my house. – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  2. The tall stems were hot still, and the prairie sod was white and thick with fibrous dust. – By Right of Purchase by Harold Bindloss