Synonyms for Bow:


arbalest, Stone-bow, bilge, arbalist, union bow, beam, crossbow, berth, bowsprit, bay, single-piece bow, aft, blade, self-bow, back bow, amidships, boom, weapon. bob, curtsey, duck, rise, arrowhead, cower, drop, kneel, dip, quiver, bolt, tower, arrow, shaft. double over, crane, hump, hunch, bestride, balance, burrow, posture. bridge, hammer, fold, damper, fret, head, bellows, buckle, drumstick, key, catgut, resist. knot, precede, granny knot, slip knot, reef knot, square knot. genuflection, courtesy. artifact (noun)
bend from waist (noun)
bend, bob, salaam, arch, arc, genuflection, round, nod, kowtow, obeisance, curve, curtsy, curvature.
bending (noun)
bow (noun)
bend, accede, obeisance, submit, crouch, stem, give in, defer, bow down, fore, prow, arc, bowknot, stoop, curtain call, bowing.
bow out (noun)
arc, curtsy, kowtow, nod, bob, obeisance, salaam.
curvature (noun)
curvature, parabola, roundedness, arch.
curve (noun)
horseshoe, curve, meniscus, sinus, crescent, circle, crook, spiral.
front (noun)
avant-garde, forepart, forefront, front, nose, face, point, vanguard, scout, anterior, leader.
front of boat (noun)
bowsprit, forepart, head, nose, fore, prow, stem.
greeting (noun)
salutation (noun)


bend (verb)
deflect, flex, contort, warp, refract, twist.
bend over (verb)
cower, dip, duck, genuflect, crook, hunch, stoop.
communication (verb)
bow down.
comply (verb)
cave, respect, knuckle under, surrender, cede, consent, bend, agree, defer, kowtow, capitulate, succumb, acquiesce, observe, submit, obey, adhere, assent, yield, fulfill, accept, concur, comply, genuflect, conform.
curve (verb)
camber, hook, round, sag, hang, sweep, swerve.
greet (verb)
approach, shake hands with, curtsy, wave, signal, hail, hug, embrace, smile, welcome, receive, salaam, kiss, vociferate, notice, acknowledge, accost, nod, salute, greet.
submit, concede (verb)
acquiesce, comply, cave, defer, knuckle under, capitulate, succumb, yield, surrender, accept, give in.

Other synonyms:

arrowhead, granny knot, square knot, burrow, crane, beam, arrow, cower, reef knot, bilge, catgut, amidships, kneel, genuflection, damper, aft, bestride, double over, slip knot, berth, bowsprit. bellows, boom, bay, hunch, drumstick, fret. bolt, buckle, bridge, blade, quiver. duck, shaft, knot. key, fold. hammer. head, balance. bend
warp, refract.
bow down
give in
bow down, genuflect, curtsey.
Other relevant words:
arrowhead, curtsey, fore, blade, stem, courtesy, balance, crane, rise, berth, kneel, crouch, stoop, knot, dip, bowsprit, bilge, hammer, beam, bellows, hunch, bow down, buckle, fold, head, bridge, drumstick, arc, hump, arrow, obeisance, genuflection, bowknot, duck, cower, prow, aft, amidships, give in, crossbow, bob, curtain call, accede, bowing.

Usage examples for bow

  1. It was the first occasion, as far as his memory served him, that his father had failed to grant his wish; but he was nevertheless flattered by the prospect of quickly becoming a man, and he answered, " I bow to thy wisdom, my father." – Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends by Gertrude Landa
  2. She was startled, so startled that she quite forgot to return Miss Roxbury's bow and smile, and had gone a good way down the street before she noticed that her brother was speaking to her. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  3. Make a bow first. – Four Little Blossoms at Oak Hill School by Mabel C. Hawley