Synonyms for Knife:


dispatch, slaughter, assassinate, bump off, take someone's life, massacre, strangle, exterminate. catheter, defibrillator, ecg, drip, ekg, eeg, electrocardiograph, electrocardiogram, drain, balloon. carving knife, fish knife, ladle, carver, cleaver, dessertspoon, fork, chopstick, chopper. letter opener, paper knife, flick knife, penknife, clasp knife, palette knife, pocket knife. blade (noun)
dinner, boy scout, Skiver, cutter, breakfast, butcher, surgical, butter, guillotine, excelsior, corn, paring, toad-stabber, cake, cane, lancet, Kris, tickler, skewer, clasp, edge, molding, ferrule, shiv, bit, misericord, scalpel, bowie, Skinning, Skean, dessert, table, oyster, miter, whittle, hunting, palette, pigsticker, Swiss Army, bread, sabre, switchblade, putty, grapefruit, paper, dirk, fish, pocket, Chopping, buck, bodkin, snickersnee, razor, poniard, point, cutting-edge, pruning.
cutting tool (noun)
cutter, edge, machete, scalpel, point, tickler, lancet, cutlass, stiletto, scythe, bayonet, Skiver, dagger, lance, sabre, switchblade, sword, scimitar, skewer, shiv, sickle.
knife (noun)
tool (noun)
drill, planer, awl, spanner, hedge trimmer, screwdriver, wrecking bar, pick, grapnel, edger, ripsaw, claw hammer, punch, band saw, saw, hammer, hoe, chain saw, pliers, scroll saw, tin snips, circular saw, hatchet, trowel, auger, lug wrench, crosscut saw, calipers, pickax, level, tire iron, plane, jointer, sickle, stapler, buzz saw, Bow-saw, chisel, pipe wrench, cold chisel, wedge, gouge, Drill press, shovel, hacksaw, axe, miter box, lathe, square, file, tool, keyhole saw, table saw, mallet, posthole auger, bench drill, monkey wrench, handsaw, emery wheel, wrench, jigsaw, jackknife, snips, arc welder, sledgehammer, ball-peen hammer, back saw, scissors, coping saw, scythe, shears, radial arm saw, vise, grindstone, welder, spoke shave, crowbar, spade.
weapon (noun)
bazooka, ordnance, trigger, blunderbuss, missile, firearm, claymore, machete, rocket, howitzer, cannon, musket, battery, blowpipe, armament, saber, carbine, javelin, bow and arrow, heater, peashooter, mortar, sword, shell, muzzle, lance, shooter, broadsword, artillery, browning, boomerang, machine gun, spear, colt, cutlass, bayonet, gun, bullet, Bilbo, blowgun, dagger, scimitar, winchester, club, mace, bomber, revolver, ax, weaponry, pistol, ammunition, torpedo, stiletto, shotgun, rapier, repeater, arrow, sidewinder, weapon, rifle, handgun, piece, luger, Remington, flamethrower.


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

chopstick, carving knife, pocket knife, scalpel, cleaver, flick knife, clasp knife, switchblade, letter opener, fish knife, paper knife. edge, dessertspoon, carver. point, ladle, chopper. fork. dagger
pocket knife
Other relevant words:
Skinning, drip, Kris, electrocardiogram, lancet, massacre, eeg, assassinate, defibrillator, strangle, Chopping, edge, paring, ecg, cutter, fork, electrocardiograph, Skiver, putty, cleaver, table, bit, balloon, misericord, penknife, corn, paper, snickersnee, palette, sabre, ladle, poniard, carver, hunting, exterminate, cake, miter, dinner, surgical, drain, pigsticker, slaughter, excelsior, chopper, oyster, butter, guillotine, scalpel, whittle, dirk, pruning, fish, chopstick, ferrule, cane, tickler, dispatch, ekg, dessert, point, switchblade, skewer, clasp, buck, pocket knife, razor, bowie, shiv, dessertspoon, molding, pocket, breakfast, grapefruit, Skean, butcher, catheter, bread, bodkin, stab.

Usage examples for knife

  1. My knife and things are in the other clothes. – Menhardoc by George Manville Fenn
  2. Then I remembered how often we did the same thing with our customers, to whom, when they came for a pocket- knife for instance, we offered a twenty- five cent one when we might have sold a fifty- cent or a dollar one just as easily. – Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
  3. Then I took my knife and went to her. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli