Synonyms for Humor:


consent, agree, commit yourself, accede, yield, undertake, say yes, sign up, accept, go along with. joke, sensation, pleasantry, your inner self, passion, heart, undercurrent, emotion, banter. jocundity, joyfulness, good humor, joviality, happiness, comedy of errors, gaiety, playfulness. ridiculousness, jocoseness, laughter, humorousness, zaniness, funniness, Comicality, comicalness, farcicality, drollery, jocosity, ludicrousness. disposition, be, nature, complexion, temperament. frame of mind, spirit, vein, feelings. impulse, notion, megrim, bee, Boutade, whimsy, freak. gratify, indulge, resist, cater. amusement (noun)
sport, pastime, relaxation, diversion, frivolity, levity, pleasure, celebration, merriment, fun, Divertissement, Jolliness, play, game, recreation, jocularity, entertainment, stimulation, distraction, tonic, amusement, hobby, hilarity, refreshment, whimsicality.
attribute (noun)
caprice (noun)
freak, mood, impulse.
character (noun)
spirit, temperament.
comedy (noun)
jesting, joking, salt, humorousness, jocoseness, badinage, raillery, tomfoolery, farce, drollness, funniness, drollery, hilarity.
communication (noun)
wit, witticism, wittiness, humour.
cross (noun)
disagreeable, irritable, grouchy.
humor (noun)
whimsy, amusement, fun, sense of humor, Comicality, disposition, notion, frame of mind, mood, jocularity, bee, body fluid, gaiety, liquid body substance, levity, farce, vein, temper, happiness, jocoseness, tomfoolery, raillery, joking, wittiness, joke, pleasantry, badinage, wit, nature, jesting, drollery, playfulness, banter, complexion, bodily fluid, humour, witticism, jocosity, comicalness, joyfulness, Sense Of Humour.
mood (noun)
disposition, frame of mind.
state of mind (noun)
mood, temper.
wit (noun)
ingeniousness, cleverness, scurrility, comedy, foxiness, Cunningness, quickness, irony, sophistry, wit, facility, Subtleness, trickiness, astuteness, sharpness, finesse, Canniness, shrewdness, slyness, brilliance, artfulness, wiliness, inventiveness, craftiness, adroitness, deftness, scintillation, urbanity, intellect, resourcefulness, drollness.


accommodate (verb)
gratify, yield, indulge.
communication (verb)

Other synonyms:

Boutade, ludicrousness, comicalness, whimsy, Comicality, funniness, zaniness, farcicality, indulge, comedy of errors, megrim, humorousness, ridiculousness. disposition, jocosity, jocoseness. bee, notion, cater. impulse, spirit, vein, freak. complexion. nature. buffoonery
good humor
say yes.
sense of humour
Sense Of Humour.
frame of mind, temper.
Other relevant words:
impulse, bodily fluid, salt, gaiety, raillery, frame of mind, yield, humorousness, jocundity, wittiness, playfulness, jocoseness, zaniness, humour, joke, drollery, disposition, happiness, gratify, notion, tomfoolery, pleasantry, indulge, liquid body substance, bee, Boutade, banter, comicalness, farcicality, jocosity, jesting, heart, megrim, ludicrousness, Sense Of Humour, farce, joking, sense of humor, temperament, badinage, ridiculousness, mood, witticism, freak, whimsy, complexion, Comicality, cater, body fluid, temper, funniness, nature, spirit, vein, joyfulness.

Usage examples for humor

  1. Not in the humor She now is in. – The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  2. He saw humor where no one else saw it, and tragedy where it was not suspected. – The Puppet Crown by Harold MacGrath
  3. We have to humor him." – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter