Synonyms for Salt:


alkaline, catalyst, carboniferous, acid, base, element, compound, alkali, agrochemical. cardamom, bouquet garni, basil, caraway, soused, cayenne pepper, pickled, aniseed, borage, black pepper, bay leaf. flagstone, asphalt, gradient, blacktop, cobble, flavor, chippings, season, gravel, cobblestones, bitumen, double yellow line. bake, strew, butchery, spread, butter, butcher, chill, beat, scatter, carve, blanch, bone, blend. lay away, lubricant, tracer, coolant, keep, salts, infill, grease, propellant, diuretic, save, put by, set by, lay up, lay-by, lay aside, thickener, lay in, stimulant. money, sock away, bank. jack-tar, gob, sea dog, sea, seafarer. chemical (noun)
carbon dioxide, alcohol, hydrate, disulfate, borate, fluoride, nitrate, formaldehyde, citrate, oxide, chemical, hydroxide, bromide, hydride, Tetroxide, sulfate, ketone, ethyl, chlorate, methyl, hydrocarbon, monoxide, cyanide, benzoate, disulfide, ammonia, chloride, nitride, iodide, acetone, peroxide, bisulfide, carbonate, acetate, phosphate, borax, silicate, sulfide, chromate, bicarbonate, carbide, fulminate, bisulfate, dioxide, ether.
condiment (noun)
onion, cinnamon, mint, mustard, mayonnaise, radish, dressing, chili, horseradish, chive, tartar sauce, dill, clove, paprika, leek, nutmeg, pepper, allspice, tabasco, garlic, flavoring, Catchup, seasoning, thyme, pickle, condiment, ginger, spice, salad dressing, sauce, turmeric, relish, parsley, applesauce, vinegar, cayenne, chutney, sage, peppermint, vanilla.
jack (noun)
mineral (noun)
cryolite, spar, kaolinite, clay, diatomite, lignite, pumice, Azurite, mineral, chalcedony, Iolite, carbon, Brookite, quartz, emery, fluorspar, calcite, ozocerite, pyrite, glauconite, garnet, coal, sulfur, manganese, boron, mica, quicklime, Selenite, molybdenite, feldspar, pitchblende, fool's gold, cobalt, chromite, corundum, Chlorite, pyroxene, graphite, bauxite, silica, gypsum, asbestos, peat, coke, barite, obsidian, alabaster, rhodonite, crystal, fluorite, lazurite, hornblende, aragonite, lime, brimstone, orthoclase, talcum, Vermiculite, magnesite.
preservative (noun)
formaldehyde, vinegar.
sailor (noun)
boater, mariner, yeoman, ferryman, pilot, navigator, sailor, ship man, barge-man, steersman, mate, boatswain, seaman, gondolier, tar, boatman, captain, helmsman.
salt (noun)
saliferous, salt-cured, salty, common salt, table salt, salted, saltiness, saline, salinity, preserved, saltish, strategic arms limitation talks, brackish, sharp, briny.
seasoning (noun)
condiment, alkali, relish, spice, flavoring, flavor.

Other synonyms:

sea dog, seafarer, jack-tar. gob. salt

Usage examples for salt

  1. He's been spoiled till salt won't save him. – The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. I'm not a bit ashamed to say that it put salt water in my old eyes. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  3. Add more salt then if necessary. – Cookery for Little Girls by Olive Hyde Foster