Synonyms for Clam:


barnacle, abalone, cockle, crawfish, conch, cowrie, bivalve, crab, cockleshell. bivalve (noun)
steamer, thorny, pismo, freshwater, quahog, Hard-shell, geoduck, hen, giant, cherrystone, shellfish, razor, littleneck, surf, marine, mollusk, sea, quahaug.
bivalve living in ocean (noun)
mollusk, quahog, cherrystone, littleneck.
clam (noun)
dollar bill, one dollar bill, buck, dollar.
paper money (noun)
shellfish (noun)
conch, crawfish.

Other synonyms:

conch, cowrie, bivalve, crawfish, shellfish, abalone, cockle, crab, barnacle, cockleshell. Other relevant words:
sea, crab, cowrie, cockleshell, surf, crawfish, hen, barnacle, abalone, conch, thorny, bivalve, cockle, marine, Hard-shell, cherrystone, shellfish, giant, littleneck, mollusk, quahog, pismo, steamer, geoduck, quahaug, freshwater, razor.

Usage examples for clam

  1. Seth shut his mouth like a clam – The Minute Boys of Boston by James Otis
  2. Maybe the fishermen didn't want us stirring things up where they clam – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin