Synonyms for Lure:


glitz, good looks, character, glamor. cockpit, creel, fishing line, dragnet, drift net, safety, barb, drifter, snare, fishing rod. charisma, witchery, call, enchantment, glamour. appeal (noun)
attraction (noun)
allurement, traction, fascination, pull, attraction, temptation, allure, appeal, draw, enticement, affinity, charm, gravitation, attractiveness, magnetism.
attribute (noun)
enticement, come-on.
bait (noun)
camouflage, fake, trap, pull, draw, attraction, invitation, come-on, incentive, snare, appeal, hook, seduction, magnet, trick, decoy, inducement, mousetrap, Inveiglement, carrot, temptation, enticement, allurement, sweetener, call.
bribe (noun)
decoy (noun)
blind, decoy, bait, mirage, deception, trick, trap.
focus (noun)
core, focus, asymptote, center, bottleneck, essence, crossing, crux, meat, epitome, plenum, intersection, spirit, gathering, axle, funnel, nucleus, heart, soul, forum, rendezvous, marrow, rally, lodestar, magnet, hub, kernel, polestar.
lure (noun)
come-on, enticement, decoy, entice, tempt, bait, sweetener, hook.
motivation (noun)
energy, impetus, motivation, impulse, incitement, provocation, drive, instigation, stimulus, prod.
pitfall (noun)
deathtrap, mousetrap, firetrap, hazard, vortex, chasm, quicksand, pitfall.
reward (noun)
award, compensation, allowance, tribute, incentive, amends, wage, plum, consideration, gift, honorarium, sweepstakes, tip, sweetener, atonement, stimulation, treat, stipend, allotment, reward, remuneration, bounty, gratuity, inducement, wages, grant, bonus, payment, prize, carrot.


acquire (verb)
assume, buy, annex, score, net, fetch, heap, harvest, bag, accumulate, retrieve, win, reap, add, amass, acquire, procure, pocket, land, wrangle, purchase, claim, incur, secure, receive, catch, palm, capture, obtain, take, get, garner, corner, collect.
attract (verb)
drag, enchant, engross, seduce, invite, magnetize, entice, attract, captivate.
attract, seduce (verb)
bait, captivate, capture, tempt, bag, invite, drag, charm, entice, enchant, catch, allure.
decoy (verb)
trap, trick, bait, decoy.
reward (verb)
give, pay, honor, induce, tempt, compensate, sweeten, remunerate.
seduce (verb)
seduce, tempt, entice, invite.

Other synonyms:

glitz, good looks, Inveiglement. charisma, character, invitation, witchery, seduction, glamour. enchantment. attract
pull, mousetrap.
come on
Other relevant words:
prevail on, motivate, call, seduction, camouflage, hook, Inveiglement, snare, convince, encourage, dragnet, enchantment, invitation, glamour, fake, witchery, character, persuade, spur, charisma.

Usage examples for lure

  1. Well for him he wilt of the magic which floated through that palace; as is said, Tempted by extremes, The soul is most secure; Too vivid loveliness blinds with its beams, And eyes turned inward perceive the lure – The Shaving of Shagpat, Complete by George Meredith
  2. A chicken being held out to him as a lure he came out of the pond and snapped at it, making a loud, startling noise with his teeth. – Journal of an African Cruiser by Horatio Bridge