Synonyms for Crouch:


bestride, balance, crane, double over, crook, burrow, hunch, cower. grovel, cringe, quail, flinch. huddle, high. crouch (noun)
squat, scrunch, scrunch up, hunker down, bend, stoop, bow.


motion (verb)
bend, stoop, bow.
stoop low; cringe (verb)
cower, bow, stoop, huddle, grovel, squat, bend, hunch, quail, hunker down.

Other synonyms:

cower, crane, bestride, double over, burrow. hunch, huddle. crook. balance. bow down
Other relevant words:
cower, bend, quail, cringe, crane, hunch, balance, flinch, huddle, grovel.

Usage examples for crouch

  1. One step, two steps the sentinel took; for a moment the black figure behind him seemed to crouch and draw together, then like a flash it leaped forward upon its victim. – Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle
  2. Tell ye the lord to whom ye crouch His fetters bite their fill: To save your oath I'll wear them both, And step the lighter still. – Collected Poems 1897 - 1907 by Henry Newbolt
  3. As we behold Him, we need not crouch in terror at His approach. – Memories of Bethany by John Ross Macduff