Synonyms for Caboose:


buttock, car, cab, cheek, boxcar, rear car, crew car, train. berth, bogie, buffet, carriage, cable car, baggage car. artifact (noun)
galley, ship's galley, cookhouse.
cabin (noun)
caboose (noun)
galley, ship's galley, cookhouse.
follower (noun)
conclusion, postscript, trail, follower.
rear (noun)
back, derriere, bottom, tail, fanny, rump, stern, posterior, behind, hind, seat, rear, backside.

Other synonyms:

bogie, boxcar, buffet, cable car, cab, baggage car. car. carriage. Other relevant words:
buffet, ship's galley, boxcar, cheek, car, galley, carriage, cookhouse, baggage car.

Usage examples for caboose

  1. Her uncle took her gently by the arm and steered her toward the caboose – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  2. He would have cut the caboose out even if you and I had not been in it." – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  3. At this island he found a canoe of immense size with a sort of house or caboose built amidships, in which was established a cacique with his family and dependents; and the people in the canoe showed signs of more advanced civilisation than any seen by Columbus before in these waters. – Christopher Columbus, Volume 7 And The New World Of His Discovery, A Narrative by Filson Young